Third Time Is Not The Charm…

So I have made 3 phone calls to the GYN’s office.  3 well spaced phone calls.  Now perhaps I am just spoiled by dealing with the RE’s offices over the years.  You NEVER speak to the doctor.  You speak to a well educated nurse who seems to always be available, and if they aren’t you at least get their voice mail which sometimes give you a false sense of calm because you know they will eventually call back.  Calling this office however I have spoken to three different receptionists who each tell me “she is in a room”  Now I know what its like to work for a doctors office.  The doctors can’t talk on the phone.  I get that, but our nurses however like at the RE’s are available through voice mail and then they call back.

By the third phone call, in which I can now feel as well as see that my BP is elevated, thanks to my now pink palor I told the girl “I will just call my pcp”  to which she says “well wait, let me see if I can get her out of the room”  No, because that isn’t fair to the woman in the freaking stirrups.  So I call the PCP’s office.  I explain why I am calling and ask if Dr. L is available by chance.  “Oh I’m sorry he isn’t BUT let me see if your chart is near by….OH here it is, let me see the notes…”  YES this is all I am asking for!  AN ANSWER!  So Barb begins “Please call Susan, I would like to see her for a follow up in one month, please request 3x a week blood pressure monitoring until I see her at that time” 

Nothing about the pill was mentioned, but its irrelevant as I am taking myself off of it.  I know that the pill its self isn’t the cause of the BP, and that right now my BP isn’t so high that there is an immediate concern, but why tempt fate?  Plus, it isn’t working anyway so why stay on something that can further aggravate an underlying situation?  I will say this though, I find it amusing…everyone is so concerned about my BP…yet NONE of them can make themselves available to calm my concerns when they tell me its “imperative” that I call back TODAY.  Go figure…

Oh and the glass on the table…it got knocked over by the cat, who then drank the water that was making it be half full.  So right now the glass is in the dishwasher, completely empty waiting to be cleaned….


4 responses to “Third Time Is Not The Charm…

  1. I am proud of you for being persistent enough to talk to someone. A couple days I’ve found I had to write a note AND call the nurse to get them to call me back. If you be annoying enough, I find you usually will get an answer.

    I’m hoping that glass comes out of the dishwasher perfectly clean with some magical water in it to make the BP go down.

  2. I would like to know the doctor’s definition of imperative!

    Its imperative that you return the call but is not imperative enough for the doctor return your call between patients.

    Talk about reason why BP could be up today?!

  3. I agree with calling how much you want to, cuz f* it, others will, and sometimes you just gotta make sure they remember you’re waiting.

  4. I am sorry that you are having trouble talking to someone, anyone at the doctors office. It is very frustrating when they tell you to call them only to take ten years to get back to you if at all. I am very sorry that you are feeling like your health concerns are not at all important. Hopefully someone gets back to you soon to answer your questions and concerns.

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