Hard Drive A Go-Go…

As if Friday weren’t traumatic enough I am now lap topless.

On Thursday night when ever I would wake up Edgar (yes I named the laptop) from his hibernation (I never turned the laptop off, just put it to sleep) an icon would appear telling me I had a corrupt file and that I should run scan disk.  Well instead of running scan disk I put him back to sleep and crawled into bed myself fully meaning to take care of it in the morning.

The morning came, I dropped Jacob off to work and came home.  After doing a load of laundry, loading and unloading the dishwasher and of course vacuuming it was time for a little R&R of blog reading.  Once again the icon appeared, and once again I filed it away.  Tell Jake when he gets home I thought.   Jake gets home, and instead of telling him I have a corruption, despite all of my book marks and desktop background disappearing, and my computer having no memory of my home page, passwords or anything of my photos I blog about my mother and my PCP.  After ice cream at Dairy Queen we come home, and once again I get the corrupt message so I do the obvious.

I told my computer to “re-start”  Only he didn’t comply.  I tried again with a manual shut down and restart.  Hoping and praying that something, anything had to happen other than a blue screen telling me that something was wrong followed by an endless loop of what appeared to be a system restart.  Edgar however was not to be reasoned with despite my Borg  like instructions that resistance was futile .  So I carried his lifeless case upstairs and thrust him in Jake’s direction.  “I think my hard drive crashed”  I told him.  Mind you I often have these delusions so he wasn’t overly keen on taking this information with anything more than a grain of salt.  “Why do you think that today?”  He asked complete with eye roll.  “Well look” I said again pushing the power button, half hoping that the KITT like swoosh of the Windows XP start screen  would appear and that I would then be taken to my desktop.  That however was not meant to be.  The same blue screen of death, followed by the endless loop of start and restart appeared.

Drastic times called for drastic measures.  Jacob secured his trusty screw driver and took the cover off the hard drive.  “Wow this is hot”  I heard him say from his office.  I was now  hiding in my bedroom in the hopes that my absence would yield success in Edgar’s open heart surgery.  “I think the hard drive is toast. Its really hot, and its making a noise”  He was correct about the hot part, though I didn’t hear this noise even when he held it up to my ear, but I trust him.  After all, this isn’t my first lap top that I have gone through.  Edgar’s big sister  met with a much uglier fate.  Broken screen, and gouged hard drive due to a careless action on my part.  Because of this we happened to have a replacement hard drive that was originally bought for her, but ultimately with the defunct screen we opted for replacement of the unit instead.   Jake pulled  the hard drives out of both the closet and Edgar only to discover that a square peg wasn’t goign to fit in a round hole.    Apparently there are two different kinds of note book connections for hard ware, and even though I have two HP’s, they each had different connections.  Murphy strikes again.

So, I am laptopless till payday.  Jacob, knowing how traumatic this is for me has already consulted Best Buy and has discovered that the replacement that matches the original is only $45.  Even better, Lowes and Best Buy are side by side.  While I am getting our replacement potty, he can buy Edgar’s replacement brain.  And yes, I had thought about raiding the motorcycle fund, but alas I only have $27 in my 5 gallon jug.  Sigh.


8 responses to “Hard Drive A Go-Go…

  1. Oh SUsan, not the blue screen of death!!! We encountered that a few months ago on our regular computer. Now John is so afraid of catching any virus or being corrupted that we have put only minimal software and stuff back on the computer. Atleast he still lets me blog from home to. (Frankly I think it was one of my brother’s weird web sites that introduced the virus in the firs place but I could be wrong.)

  2. At least you have Jacob to help you decifer the codes. I just dispose of our machine and get a new one. Financially costly but at least I can keep my sanity.

  3. This frightens me – it makes me realize how reliable I am on my computer. If it died, I’m not sure what I would do (well, besides cry – OBVIOUSLY). You poor thing. I hope it gets fixed very soon. We don’t like a sick Edgar.

  4. Ugh. You need a Mac, my friend.

  5. BITE YOUR TOUNGE! A MAC! Never. That is blasphemy in this house!

    Edgar is in ICU awaiting his hard drive transplant. Friday 7 p.m. BEFORE the new potty is installed…I mean really, we must have our priorities!

  6. Wow!

    You know as well as I do that you should not ignore those things when they pop up. However I have no reason to say that because I scanned my computer and I was told that I had 3 possible items to worry about.

    So I ran the scan again and got a totally different response , no items to worry about. So I am going to stick with the second one.

    However I may rethink that action. I hope the surgery is a success!

  7. When it rains it pours. Sorry about that!!

  8. Give Edgar my sympathies . . .

    I am sorry to hear about Edgar and even sorrier to hear about your motorcycle fund!

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