Decisions Must Be Made!

My bike has been decided upon.  Now all I have to do is pick the color.  Oh yeah, and get the money.  Of course Jacob’s pay only being for 3 days, as opposed to 10 (they forgot to credit his PTO time for our vacation) there will be no funding of the motorcycle brigade this pay.  However with his working 60 hours next week PLUS being credited for 7 days OH BABY that fund is going to be plush quickly! 

So for the color of the bike I am thinking jet black.  I personally will never drive another black car, but there is something about a black motor cycle that is just sexy.  Not that I think I am sexy, but the bike will be.  So this leaves helmet choice.  Originally I was thinking a full face.  When I dated my Hells Angel (ha ha ha) I always wore a full face, though I can’t say with certainty if it helped in the accident we were in so long ago.  I know my back hit the car, but then I think I rolled to the R and landed on the pavement with a thud on the side of my head.  So I suppose the full face did protect my ear, but I digress.  I will only be “allowed” to ride it back and forth to work an occasionally I am sure I can convince Jacob that driving to Kuhns isn’t going to kill me so I have decided on a full open  face.  Of course on those warm Friday afternoons when I am off of work, and he isn’t…well what are you going to do?

Now here are the choices:  I like it, but not sure if its my first choice or not.  To be honest, when going to work I am going to most often be dressed in slacks, and tennis shoes while my flats, or heels (depending on my mood) will be stowed in the trunk.  Yes I am getting a bike with a trunk. 

Again here, we go with the shiny black.  I like the butterfly’s.  I know they are supposed to symbolize new life, but that isn’t why I chose them.  I chose this one more because a butterfly also symbolizes freedom.  Why not pick an eagle then huh?  Well I thought about it, but those helmets looked very masculine, and I am sure I will get enough “look at the dike on her bike”  thoughts as I troll down the road.  I also kind of like the hot pink.  I hate pink, but this color pink/purple works against the black.

Finally, there is this one.  Same idea as the middle helmet only in purple and the helmet base color being flat rather than shiny.    See, what I am thinking is finding an airbrush artist who will be able to put what ever is on my helmet on the side of the bike.  So if I do the feather that would be really easy to copy…but again I don’t know which one I like better!

The other issue I have with all 3 of these is they don’t have a shield and I don’t know if you can get a half shield for a half face helmet.  I thought about a hybrid, but HOLY COW EXPENSIVE!  The above are all DOT approved, so its not like I am looking at Joes Helmets and Hermit Crabs dot com.  I just want a nice helmet that expresses my personality.  Decisions I tell you…I think it was easier buying my new car…oh wait..I didn’t, Jacob did.  I simply told him what I didn’t want…


9 responses to “Decisions Must Be Made!

  1. I am not a big fan of pink myself, but I really like the way the bright pink stands out against the shiny black.

    I like the purple/flat black but I don’t think it would be as noticable.

    My vote is for #2!!

  2. I like option 2.

  3. I’m not a big fan of pink or of butterflies – but that would actually be my choice. There is something about it that just makes it – not sure what it is but I really like it!

  4. I’m also really diggin #2. I’m not a pink girl either, but it just stands out and looks sexy.

  5. Forgot to add…they are all better than my black on black full face one I use when I ride with my DH…so whichever you choose, they’ll look good.

  6. Ok – you dated a Hells Angel?? You can’t just drop that in there without an explaination. Seriously!

    And I agree. Like #2.

    I’m so excited about this bike!! Although probably not as excited as you…

  7. How exciting! I love pink 🙂

  8. Cassie (DS Friend)

    I, too, am voting for choice #2!! I’m not big on pink, but I really like the look of that one. I’m soooo excited for you:)

  9. I like the 3rd on best but the second one is cool too!

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