A Seasonique Of Change…

I met with Rebecca today, my old/current GYN.  I had forgotten how compasionate and kind she is.  Of course Dr. T’s office failed to send the records regarding my miscarriage, but she said she will personally request them.  When I arrived the MA (medical assistant) took my blood pressure and it was 140/100.  Before she took it I warned her it would be high, and by that I meant 140/82 which is what I seem to run since I quit smoking.  In 06′ when I had a pack a day habit I ran 120/70 and weighed 20 pounds more than I do now.  Go figure.  Anyway, she said she would mention it to Rebecca and have her re take it.  Of course when Rebecca entered the room she asked if anything had changed and I told her about the miscarriage and how I was left like an old flag to fly tattered in the wind.

As she examined me I said to her “Should I not have had a pelvic exam?”  and she said “I certainly would have done one.”  She then paused and said “You are angry aren’t you?”  And I told her that even all these months later that YES I still am.  She put her hand on my shoulder and said “I know this is going to sound crass, but for your sake you need to try to move on.”  She is right, and this is when I brought up Seasonique.  She completely agreed that it was the right course of action both for my physical and mental health.  I asked her if I would be able to be followed by her if we used timed intercourse and the remaining 4 months of injectables in our fridge.  She said YES.  HOWEVER she wants me to take 3 months on birth control.  3 solid months, and she wants my blood pressure to be what ever is normal for me.  She then took it again and it was 150/102, it went up.  Which she beleives to be from discussing the birth control.

As for my pelvic exam.  She said the bumps on my cervix are CYSTS!  They are NORMAL.  She said the cervix has oil glands like every other part of the body and they sometimes get clogged.  Its a NORMAL part of aging, and typically occurs after a miscarriage or child birth and will appear and disappear at random.  She also said my uterus is still a bit enlarged, but that it may remain that way so not to be alarmed.  Following that she said to call her in 3 months when I stop the pill to see if I want to proceed with TTC, or I can fill my script for 4 refills of Seasonique and go from there.

Finally, when she was done she had the MA come back in and take my BP again.  This time I laid down, and while I was back to 142 I was still at 142/100.  NOT GOOD.  Before they let me leave they asked that I call my PCP and follow up with him.  My appointment with him is next Friday at 10:30 a.m.  At which time I hope to get a clean bill of health.  Heck the last time I saw him we trying to rule out a heart attack, this time we are trying to prevent a stroke.

Hopefully my good karma will hold.  No cancer!  And a pharmacutical rep who just happened to be there dropping off FULL SIZED samples of Seasonique!  Now if someone wouldn’t mind locking up Murphy, I would be obliged.


8 responses to “A Seasonique Of Change…

  1. I’m gald your appointment went well. I just wanted to tell you not to worry about your BP. My BP is ALWAYS high when I go to the doctor especially the RE. They’ve finally determined that I suffer from white coat hypertension. You could very well suffer the same.

  2. I hope the hypertension is just from the stress of the appointment and discussing the miscarriage.

    Yes, it is healthier to move on. But sometimes I feel like if I don’t remember the baby I lost, then who will?

  3. I am glad you have an understanding doctor. 3 months seems long, but it will fly before you know it.

  4. Sorry about the elevated BP. When I went to my current RE during my first u/s there was a cyst on my cervix too, the tech said that’s nothing to worry about and they are common. It’s gone since then. Your doc sounds great!! Hope the BCPs treat you well.

  5. Sounds like you have a great doc there! Stick with her as they are hard to find!!!

    I hope the BP thing turns out to be nothing more than the stress of the appointment.

    Good luck on the Seasonique!

  6. What great news about the cysts. I’m sure you were super relieved. My aunt lowered her blood pressure by walking and diet (not eating many white things – potatoes, bread, etc) and is down 20 lb and within a normal bp range (and the dr had wanted to put her on pills right then an their.
    I think your doctor sounds wonderful!!

  7. oops – there


  8. Sending positive energy you way to help lower that BP!

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