A New Page!

Even though we are not actively TTC I am still very active in DailyStrength.org  There are so many up and comings who have questions, and concerns and I stay involved so I can answer questions and perhaps give an honest answer to them.  Imagine my surprise when an up and coming helped me!  Or should I say unknowningly helped me.

Before I became pregnant I started attending church again.  Something that in the years prior I had stopped doing.  Not because I didn’t believe, but simply because I had trouble with where I belonged.  I found a church that I fell in love with.  I loved the sermons, I loved the people, and most importantly I felt like God had directed me to this house of worship.  The week prior to becoming pregnant I checked off the box in the sign in book requesting membership to this house of worship.  It was incredibly inconvinient, many miles from home, but it didn’t matter.  Gas could have risen to $5 a gallon and I still woudl have gone.

When I found out I was pregnant I asked my sister if she thought that Joel would be willing to baptise our child.  Jacob is a confirmed Catholic, but hasn’t practiced as long as I have known him.  So I wanted our child to be welcomed where I felt at home.  Then when he was taken away I went one more time.  The day before my Methotraxate shot I sat in the pew alone, my sisters family didn’t make it and listened to a sermon called “Like a Babe Craves It’s Mother’s Milk”  There were even audiovisuals.  I left and haven’t been back.  I allowed my heart to harden and I allowed my faith to waver again.  I have thought about going back, but something material always gets in the way.  Its an excuse and I know it.

Over the weekend I opened a private message advising me  to check out Sarah’s Laughter  The poster whom I have never “seen” before and havent’ seen since said it may help.  I clicked the link, and read.  I signed up for the Double Portions daily email.  Today’s inspired me and I started a new page.  It’s called Double Portions.  It’s titled:  The Prodigal Fertile Daugther.  I will change the page as new emails inspire me so check the page often.  I promise, I am not getting preachy.  I can’t stand it when someone pounds on the bible and tells you why they are better than you because they believe.  That isn’t my intent.  I simply want to share stories that come across the wire and that have touched me…and may touch you.

Now if you desire go check out the page.  My only request is that you do NOT comment there.  If you read the page on any day and want to comment please comment on the body of that days (or days before, or what ever the most recent) post happens to be.


3 responses to “A New Page!

  1. Thanks for the link! I’ll check it out. I’ve also heard of Hannah’s Prayer Community Forums, but I forgot my registration info and so I’ve never been able to get on.

  2. I will check this out regularly. I am happy to find that you have found something that is comforting and encouraging.

  3. Thank you so much for this. It is funny – in the beginning my struggle made my faith stronger, even through my miscarriage. For some reason, it has been harder for me the past few months.

    I really, really appreciate this. Thank you so much.

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