Day 5…1 More Sleep…Home Again…

It was Monday, and it was slated to be our last day at the beach.  Since we had run from here to there to every where we decided that Monday would be our day of rest.  We planned to stay on the beach and in the pools for as much of the day as it would allow.  Of course we did go and have breakfast, but we brought that back to the hotel.  I wanted to go to a Krispy Kreme where you could watch the Doughnuts being made, but as luck would have it the one we went to was an “express”  They didn’t even have the HOT DOUGHNUTS sign.  Talk about a bummer, but boy were they good! 

We got some good weather out of Monday morning, and as a result some great photos.  See, I finally got smart and put my hair in a pony tail.  The photo of Jacob, and the one of me will replace our original photos from Myrtle I am pleased to say!  The next photo I have to say is one of my most favorite senic ones.  I just love the colors, and love the composition.  Yes, I know EGO WILL ROBINSON EGO… Of course no walk on the beach would be complete without a walk on the pier.  For $1 each we were able to walk out to the end.  Once again we got a wonderful photo of us again.  This was the last of the nice weather we had.  As quickly as the sun had risen on a beautiful day the rain was just as rapid as it began to fall.  We didn’t mind.  The rain was warm, and there was no wind.  So we walked back to the hotel, put on our bathing suits and swam for as long as we could.  Then it started pouring.

It was lunch time anyway so we headed over to Thorny’s.   where I posed with a smoking hot shark  Unlike the worlds tallest man, he did not make me look any thinner standing next to him.  While I stood with Sharky, Jacob decided to get himself a hat  I told him NO WAY.  But looking at it now, he is kind of cute in an uber geek kind of way.

The remainder of the day proceeded much like the begining did.  We strolled on the beach some more, and held hands like newlyweds.  Then we dozed to the sound of the ocean crashing on the surf below, and I actually finished a book.  However I do not recommend Gump & Co by Winston Groom to anyone.  If I hadn’t seen the movie, but had only written the book I would have written Forrest off as a bottle head looser based on the words that jumped from the pages.

Finally, dinner was upon us and we were hungry.  Though Jacob said “Not so much”  Yet the fact that he devoured almost 3 lbs of crab legs, and a couple more plates of seafood that does tell me otherwise.  Four our last meal we went to Crabby Mike’s.  A place I can say with certainty does not exist in Pennsylvania.   I can also say with certainty should we ever get one, I will be the first person at their door on opening day!

Their food was amazing, and this is coming from someone who isn’t a huge sea food fan.  Of course now that I have tried them I love crab legs, and I have always been partial to fried clambs.  The jury is still out on Lobster Claws however.  Though Jacob says that I just didn’t get a good one, I say it was because I din’t know how to open it properly.  Jacob however had no trouble with his crab claw and even asked me to take a photo for posterity sake.    With dinner complete, and our bellys full I took one last look around.    Eat N Park has got nothing on the decor here either 

Once again it was time to head back to the hotel.  Only this time we were a little more sad than before.  For there would be no more dinners after a long walk on the beach and no more pulling into the driveway of our resort. 

 Despite the meloncholy it didn’t stop us for taking just one last dip in the pool, or spending one more hour in the hot tub.  Only this time it was only about 20 minutes because this particular tub was more like a lobster pot instead… and I was already red enough as it was…

The next morning we both rose early.  Having already done the laundry and packed the night before it made our departure easy.  However no trip would have been complete without capturing at least one Carolina Sunrise before we left…

 and then it was time to go home…


4 responses to “Day 5…1 More Sleep…Home Again…

  1. Oh, gosh, I sooooo want to go now!!

  2. Ymmy! Those doughnuts make me want to run to our Krispy Kreme.

  3. I love Krsipy Kreme…and crab legs too! You just made me realize I skipped lunch!

  4. Hi there, and thanks for your comment! I really appreciate it.

    I hope your trip home was/is good and that you enjoy the long weekend.

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