6 Days…5 Nights…

We stayed at the Crown Reef Resort in tower 1, room 605.    We had a bathroom, a kitchen, 2 queen sized beds, a closet, a table, a tv, dresser and a balcony which over looked the ocean, and the pools. 

Our first night in town we took a ride and explored the area.  This was after all our second trip down but we wanted to get a “grip” on where we would be traveling.  Of course being creatures of habit we opted for IHOP for the first of a total of 4 meals during our stay.  After IHOP we returned to the hotel room and decided to go for a walk on the beach.  Remember, this is the day BEFORE Fay decided to stall out.  Take a look at the wind in my hair–I wanted to play life gaurd, and look at the waves coming in from the SIDE of the pier and this was LOW tide!After our walk we went back to the hotel Then we hung in the hot tube for about an hour then it was time for bed.  I was so tired that despite Jacob leaving the balcony door open, and the television on that I fell asleep immediately.  All was well until 11:45 when the phone beside my bed rang.  Panic set in as my inlaws were watching the house and the cat and they had the phone number for “just in case” 

A groggy “Hello” came out of my mouth as I sat up in bed expecting to hear that our house was on fire, or that we had been robbed, or worse that someone had passed away.  Instead I hear a shrill “Bob are you ready to hook up”  Now come on, even at my worst I don’t sound like a guy.  As I rubbed sleep out of my eyes I told the woman “You have the wrong room”  I curled back up under the blanket and tried to fall back asleep but now couldn’t.  Jacob had fallen asleep on the other bed and hadn’t stirred.

Literally 5 minutes later the SAME woman calls.  This time I wasn’t as polite.  “YOU HAVE THE WRONG ROOM!!!”  I slammed the phone down and once again tried to fall asleep figuring that this was the end of that.  Jacob again hasn’t moved.  ONE HALF HOUR later I hear banging on the door.  In the time it took me to get up there was banging on the doors around me.  I opened the door as far as the safety latch would allow me “What the F Do you want?  Its after midnight?”  This short OLD and I mean OLD woman says to me “Oh I’m looking for Bob.”  She says as she begins to bang on the next door neighbors room.  I slammed the door and finally was able to go back to sleep.  Again, Jacob never having stirred…

Waking up to the sounds of the ocean crashing on the surf is a wonderful feeling.  I was up before the sun rose,  and was raring to go long before Jacob rose.  Of course, once he did the weather turned thanks to Fay, and our 30% chance of scattered showers became an all day rain event.  That did not deter us at all.  We had breakfast at IHOP again. 

My first shopping stop was the Mouse House.  It is Christmas year around in this store.  Despite my desire to skip Christmas this year we found our 2008 ornament, and I even found L’s “sea shell with personality” there. 

After the Mouse House it was off to Broadway At The Beach.  It is basically a tourist trap of eclectic shops that sits around the water.   Jacob surprised me by spending $16 on Rocky Mountain Candy!  3 pieces of delectable chocolate covered caramels, and 2 HUGE peanut butter cups.  He also agreed to pose for a few photos for me, something else that he rarely does but heck it was vacation.  One more photo and then I promise to hit post.  This is a photo I am sure that can be taken at any zoo on the planet, but this never ceases to amuse me.  Especially since its cheap entertainment.  The fish crawl on top of each other to get these little morsels.  Plus they are HUGE!  I swear they were bigger than the ducks that shared space in the waters with them!    Can you imagine being a little kid and looking in the water and seeing that?  That certainly isn’t Elmo’s Dorothy!


5 responses to “6 Days…5 Nights…

  1. Welcome back. Your pictures are amazing!! The water crashing under the pier was awesome and the Bob story is funny (but probably not at the time).

  2. I wouldn’t have been so polite to the old hag banging on my door after midnight…but that’s just me. I’m glad you had a good time despite the rain. Awesome pics…I especially love the one with the waves coming under the pier.

  3. Great pics and story to go along. I’m so glad you guys had a relaxing time.

  4. Cassie (DS Friend)

    Great pix!!! You definately have a way of telling a story!!! I’m so glad you had a nice relaxing time:)

  5. Aw, looks and sounds like a wonderful trip!!!

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