5 Days…4 Nights…

This is Friday night and Saturday vacation:

Friday afternoon with the weather seemingly having dissipated we decided to troll around the ocean. I wish I had purchased a disposable water proof camera prior to leaving Pittsburgh, but alas I listened to Jacob and waited till we got to the beach. This was a big mistake as in Pittsburgh at Wal-Mart the cost was $7.99, the cost at Rite Aid in Myrtle Beach $16.99. Sorry but $11 more for a camera I will use once and then throw away was not an investment I was willing to make. Despite the lack of a photo record we had a good time.

A good time that is until giant waves knocked me over and drug me along the bottom of the Atlantic. Once I righted myself and began spitting the salt water out of my mouth Jacob began laughing hysterically at my seeming amusing plight. Until that is he saw that my right hip and thigh were cut up. I didn’t notice it until the burning began. Needless to say that was the first and last dip we had in the ocean. We instead decided to hang in the in door pool, which was far less dangerous as the only waves were the ones we created ourselves.

That evening we decided on dinner at Senor Frogs . Having no idea what they were, but having a free coupon for them we got the Chefs Nacho’s . For dinner we shared the Taco Wheel. They say it’s enough for 2, but they should really say it’s enough for 3 or 4. It was huge. You got chicken, beef, shrimp, rice, beans, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, pico, and 8 tortillas. We were stuffed by the time we left. As for the atmosphere, well I will let the photos speak for themselves on this one.

After dinner we went and played some golf. I got 2 hole in ones, though Jacob had thrown away our original score card after the 3rd hole. Jacob wasn’t impressed by the course. His idea of golf is hitting the ball through the shark’s mouth, or under the windmills paddles. Regardless of disappointment in the aesthetics the view from above was just beautiful. Plus we got a nice photo of the two of us together.

19 holes later and it was once again time to head back to the hotel.

You know you are getting old when you have no interest in going out for drinks at the Hard Rock , but would rather go home and go to bed by 10 or so. Even so, despite my exhaustion we made our nightly trek on the beach, and of course found an empty hot tub and spent yet another hour discussing the plans for “tomorrow” and our even bigger plans for the future. I enjoyed those portions of my day so much that I asked Jacob if we could invest in a spa at home. It seems that in the spa togetherness was abashed.

Saturday morning arrived with another beautiful sun rise…that I missed. Instead I woke to blue sky’s and fluffy white clouds. You would think that we would have lounged on the beach all day. Well, you would be partially correct. We did spend the morning on the beach. We took a walk, and collected a small sampling of sea shells. Then we tried to go swimming. I say tried because due to the wind and rain from the day before the pool water was near freezing, or so it seemed. You would think that the Yankee blood in us would have made us less susceptible to such temperature changes, but it didn’t. So we spent the morning between the Lazy River in which only tooshies, and toes scathed the water while riding on a raft and of course in one of the many hot tubs that the hotel provided.


One response to “5 Days…4 Nights…

  1. I love the variety of shells you have!

    LOL! at the golfing story!

    I think I may have to try to get there!

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