3 Days…Two Nights…

Saturday and Sunday

After turning into lobstersicles in the lazy river we decided that it would be the perfect day to head to Ripley’s Aquarium. We had been there once before in 2005 when the “special exhibition” was Titanic. This time it was Pirates , which to be honest I had little interest in, but got some fun photos despite it. This photo happened to be Jacob’s favorite. It seems that the Pirates would hang their victims within these cages after their deaths and would hang them on bridges to warn anyone who came upon them that the pirates were not to be messed with. I wonder if this doesn’t contain a hidden message on my husbands part?

The aquarium its self was fabulous. We have the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium here at home, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Ripley’s. It was amazing to enter the Rainbow Room , and to be immersed in this Oh and of course my favorite–when I do my scrap book of this vacation (Yes Gail I am taking your advice) I am going to title it “Fish Are Friends Not FOOD” (a Finding Nemo Reference folks)

This was the last photo that we took at the Aquarium. Jake says I look “goofy” and couldn’t believe that I climbed into this, but I couldn’t resist. I am just such a kid when it comes to hokey, good fun and photos.

Dinner after the Aquarium was just up the beach, before the pier at Damon’s. Once again we had a coupon, 10% off. The hostess asked if we wanted to eat inside or out? I would have suspected we would eat out by the ocean, but Jacob wanted to eat inside. His reasoning? He was ordering the prime rib, Damon cut and he didn’t want to risk getting sand on it. He also reasoned that the more he spent on dinner the more he could save. So for the first and only night he got and devoured desert to go along with his over sized meal. Me, I had the pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw. Grand total for my portion–$10, which “upset” Jacob. He only saved a $1 on my meal. This from the man who bought $16 candy…

The rest of the night we spent on the beach or in the hot tube. Once again we talked, and walked, and just enjoyed being together. Even seeing the bride who was a mother to be being photographed on the beach wasn’t capable of wiping the grin off my face. Once again, it was the perfect night.


5 responses to “3 Days…Two Nights…

  1. Hah, you’re a cheap date, too! Glenn and I went to a steakhouse once and he had the $110 surf and turf. Me? $16 chicken!

  2. What amazing pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful time, despite Fay.

    I am ready for a vacation myself. We have never been to Myrtle Beach . . . I will have to suggest it to Hubby!

  3. Cassie (DS Friend)

    Again, wonderful pix and story tellin!!! Makes me want to run away on a nice vacation myself (despite Fay!!).

  4. Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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