Taking AF To The Beach…

Thanks to the discovery of this today it has come to my attention that I am on cycle day 13. My ovaries are KILLING ME, and I do not understand why. I do NOT ovulate on my own. I just don’t. When I do I never am aware that I do. Hence why when I have gotten pregnant on our own that it has for the most part been a surprise….well not a total surprise, I do after all know how NORMAL people get to be in that situation, but it just doesn’t happen to me.

So how did this happen you ask?  How does one leave behind the ignorance is bliss realization to fertility awareness?  Well as I have mentioned every few days I check for the “bumps” that incidentally are all gone! WOO HOO. So as I am feeling for bumps I notice that the Os is open. Well that isn’t too odd. Since my first D&C I have been slightly open, actually when I got pregnant last my cervix was so soft I could open the Os w/my finger tip…but I digress. When I noted the open feeling I checked for firmness, and I would say she was medium at best. Then I thought to check for CM…you know, while I was in there I figured I may as well check out the scenery. Sure enough out came about a 2 inch swath of the slippery goo. Then I recalled…oh wait, we had “fun” last night…maybe its left over “soldiers” as my MIL calls them (yes that is a blog for another day…) so I did the water trick. What? You don’t know the water trick? Arousal fluid, and left over seman will dry up quickly on the fingers and will NOT stretch far, and is not as copious. However if you are still unsure if you put the offending goo in water and its EWCM it will ball up and then “come back” when the water is gone. If its arousal fluid or seman it will dissipate as it is water soluble. Well mine didn’t “melt” and it came back to its former glory. I swear if Jacob wouldn’t have had me committed I would have carried it to his office for him to see.

Later as we were watching the Dark Night I started to notice some unequivocal pains in my mid section. More on my L than the R, but on both sides for sure. Ovulation or food poisoning? Hmm, the milk on my Lucky Charms was fresh but that hot dog from the concession stand could be suspect. No wait, my stomach is in the middle of my trunk, and certainly not below my belly button. So odds are pretty good that I Susan Elizabeth German Surname Married and Maiden Name is ovulating AGAIN on her own! Now comes the hard part…I have to stay calm. I can’t rush to the lab and have a p4 done just because. I will NOT rush to Wal-Mart and pick up a pregnancy test to take TOMORROW. I will NOT count down the days of the TWW. I will NOT remove my “on a break” blinkie. I will not even THINK that I could POSSIBLY get a BFP out of this cycle. I am going to think just like I did on the cycle I got pregnant….I will think ahead to the next cycle…you know when I come off my break…maybe in October or November when I will need the distraction from my unfulfilled due date in December. Yeah thats it…thats the ticket. AF will be arriving on Monday Aug 18th…4 days before we leave for the beach…but I guess the good news is she will be on her way out once we get there.

Calm and serene…calm and serene…calm and serene…


9 responses to “Taking AF To The Beach…

  1. That is wonderful news!!! I’ll be thinking wonderful thoughts for you, so, you can keep your mind on other things!!

  2. Wow, yay for ovulation. I too just got a positive opk.

  3. Wow! That is all that I can think of just WOW! 🙂

  4. Well hang in there. Don’t go psycho. Don’t get wacko. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Okay now we wait patiently while not even thinking about the what if. After don’t you have to worry about packing for a vacation? (If you want me to though, I will keep my fingers crossed.)

  5. OMG!!! This is great!!!!

  6. Yea for ovulating on your own! Who ever would have thought CM would be so facinating?!?!

    Calm and serene . . .

  7. So we’ll wait until August 18th and then begin obsessing…I should be in my 2ww then…until then we’ll all be calm and serene.

  8. OK – totally crossing fingers and saying massive prayers. Congrats on the O! That’s awesome. Our bodies never cease to amaze us. I’m so impressed at your getting the CS and analyzing so thoroughly. Honestly – cannot do that at all. Calm and serene here for you (and silently screaming horrah inside).

  9. I almost forgot!! I gave you an award on my blog!

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