Houston…There Is No Problem…

Unlike Apollo 13 we do not have a problem.

When AF began, I checked my cervix and it seemed that along the perimeter were still the bumps that I had been feeling.  I checked again on CD 3 since AF seemed to be slowing and sure enough with closing cervix the bumps seemed to have lessened.  I checked again today on what ever cycle day I am on and she is completely NORMAL again sans 1 tiny little lone bump, which I am confident will also be gone come Aug 15th.  So the GYN is going to think I am a complete hypochondriac I am sure.

My diagnosis is that I have developed a reaction of some sort to the Ring.  I have many reactions to the ring to support this hypothesis.   This go around I had terrible itching the final week that the ring was in.  I had much more CM than is normal even while on the ring.  I started spotting both times 4 days before the ring was due to be removed.  Then there were the bumps that disappeared almost as soon as the ring was removed.  My personal thought is that somewhere along the line from when I used the ring regularly until my recent need for it is that they added latex to the product.  I have a dermal reaction to latex, which hasn’t developed into a life threatening allergy yet, but given the reaction none of my doctors take any chances.  This is something I will have to ask Rebecca when I see her on the 15th.

Obviously, we chose not to re-use the ring this cycle.  I didn’t want to take any chances.  After all the ads on the television say “Do not use if you have had certain cancers”  Given that I didn’t know what was going  on the risk seemed to great.  I will ask on the 15th if I can have a script for a P4 test done, along with a new script for the birth control pill.  I am most intrigued by the pill that allows you to only have 4 periods a year.  Hopefully she will grant both requests.  The P4 is not because I think I will ovulate on my own, or that I have any delusions of a miraculous pregnancy, but rather if I haven’t ovulated by the 15th of Aug, I won’t.  So then I can start the pill which means…NO AF for vacation at the beach!

That all seems fairly simplistic given that a week ago I cried for 4 days straight (not constantly but any time I thought about it) thinking that I may  have cancer…and if I have cancer I would likely need a hysterectomy and then any chance of a child would be gone.  So to be able to have the option of going back to attempting conception, or simply having normal predictable periods is nothing short of its own miracle.  Lets just hope that my hypothesis holds more accuracy than Darwin’s theory of evolution…


5 responses to “Houston…There Is No Problem…

  1. I really hope that is what it is and that the riddle has been solved!

    And, HELL YEAH, I would push for no AF at the beach too! Have you seen those Jaws movies?

  2. I hope your hypothesis holds! So far, any predictions I have made in the past were kicked out of the boat.

    I’d agree – no AF at the beach would be a dream!! 4 times a year sounds super exciting too. :o)

  3. Glad you have figured out a possible solution.

    Enjoy the beach!

    Thanks for the tix! We had great fun ! Just what we need at the right time. 😀

  4. I sure hope it’s nothing too serious. From what you have described totally sounds like it’s coming from the ring. YAY no AF for the beach!!!

  5. Sorry…I’m just catching up on my blog reading…the latex allergy sounds VERY plausible. Hopefully, your doc will be able to confirm it.

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