Touched By An Angel…

Before my miscarriage I had begun to go back to church. I went one time after, but by then so much anger was coursing through me that I stopped going. It was easy for me to curse and ask “why me?” It was easy to blame God for giving and taking away my child as quickly as he gave him to me. It wasn’t so easy to bow my head in prayer and say “I don’t get it, can you please help me understand” Anger is easy, letting go is hard…then in the normal course of the day yesterday I came across an outlet in a most unusual place.

As is my habit I begin my day reading my usual suspects blogs. Then by afternoon I will periodically click on their blog roll links to see who they like to read. 90% of them are other infertility and or loss blogs which was the case when I clicked the link that took me to another blog. Only the blog I was taken too wasn’t lamenting infertility and loss, but rather sharing a story of a loss, and the sharing of ones faith.

I can’t explain the feeling I got as I read the blog, but tears began streaming down my face, and a feeling of peace washed over me. I emailed the author to say thank you, and she wrote back. She offered to send me a bible, but wouldn’t be offended if I declined. I accepted with gratitude. I have been married for 10 years, and yet none of our homes have ever included a bible. I don’t know what will come of this. Will I attend church again? Will I ever reach the point of understanding? Will I ever open the book and read? I can’t answer any of those things right now. But I can say is that through a blog I was touched by an angel.

Take a moment and stop over–You will understand why when you do.


9 responses to “Touched By An Angel…

  1. I sincerely hope you open the book and read it. I see why this touch you to the point of tears.

    As I read this I could feel her frustration and determination to find someway to deal with loss and understand why?

    Why is a question that truly never gets answered!

    Let me know when you get it and if you would like we can read exodus together.

  2. I read Angie’s blog weekly. She inspires me to move forward even when I don’t feel like it.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. I have always felt more spiritual than religious and never went to a church where I really felt like I fit in. I have struggled so much with my faith since my m/c.

    Thanks again . . .

  4. Isn’t she just incredible… I found her blog recently and cannot explain how much she touched me. I find it absolutely amazing how our very big God talks to us in many different ways, including using different people. I’m so glad to hear you were so touched, and I really pray you come to know our loving saviour Jesus!

  5. Thanks for the blog. I pray that you will find God. He is such a big savior who loves you so much. In this IF journey (and life in general) it is so easy to doubt, question, and turn away from him. I do it time and time again every day. But he continues to be faithful even when we are not. If you want to read the bible together, I’d be happy to do a Bible study with you.

  6. Thanks for sharing…are you willing to share your password for the protected posts? If not, I completely understand.

  7. Hey, do you have to be a wordpress user to read your protected post?

  8. Just wanted to send you some (((HUGS))) and let you know I am still here for you

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