Who Locked Up Murphy?

Apparently the planets have aligned, Murphy has been locked away, and the Gods are smiling. 

With swift fingers, and a limited querry I was able to locate the phone numbers for two different GYN’s.  I chose both based upon address, and gender.  I struck gold on my first try.  No wait, thats wrong because as it turns out I have already been seen by this practice.  The only reason I stopped was because the year after I had my initial annual preformed there, I refound my original Pittsburgh GYN who has once again since abandoned the US for foreign soil.  At any rate, I feel very confident with my provider of choice.

When I called I initially told the young woman on the end of the line that I wished to schedule an appointment as a new patient.  I didn’t care with what physician so long as he was a male, and preferably on a Friday as I am now no longer working on Friday’s.  She was happy to oblige, but the first appointmet was going to be on Aug 29th.  After vacation, and after my next due cycle, but it would work.  As she was scheduling the appointed day she says to me “have you called her before?”  I honestly didn’t know.  “We already have you in our system, but your city doesn’t match.”  I told her that YES, it was in deed me.  We have a post office address as well as a township address, and while they are the same point on the map they have two different names.

“Did you see Rebecca?”  The girl asked even though I explained that I was the same Susan on the record.  Light bulbs went off.  I certainly had and I loved her.  Well, for that one visit anyway.  She was the one who got me turned on to the Nuva Ring.  She was also the one who gave me the most detailed explaination of PCOS and the fact that research was showing that it was hereditary.  I had simply forgotten with the return of Dr. A, and then being shuttled between Dr’s K and T.  Is it any wonder?  The good news, she could see me on Aug 15th!  I accepted immediately. 

Aug 15th at 3:15!  Not only with a physician whom I have seen, but its also on a Friday which is my day off!!!  I don’t know if the gal on the phone has a medical background, but I am sure for her it is like it is for me.  You may not come in with your RN or MD, but through conversations and explainations you learn potential diagnosis that are nothing to worry about and those that the mear mention of are cause for panic and concern.  When I mentioned the potential Nabothian cysts, and the fact that I had a miscarriage 2 1/2 months ago she didn’t seem to flinch.  What did seem to shock her was that Dr. T had failed to perform a pelvic exam.

I am reluctant to use the Ring again this cycle…especially if the bumps are gone by the end of AF…but that is a blog for another day….


3 responses to “Who Locked Up Murphy?

  1. Sweet!! Hopefully Murphy will stay locked in the closet!

  2. Awesome!! August 15th will be here before you know it!

  3. The stars are aligning again…I manage an appt with my old Endo (who I only saw once) and you manage an appt with your old GYN. Weird.

    Anyway, I’m glad that you have an appt and hope all goes well.

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