Silly Mother In Law…Trix Are For Kids…

You may remember from blog of old, how in October the MIL invited Jacob and I to drive 1 ½ hours to Clarion for ALF.  You may also remember that we were to call at the appointed time of arrival to my SIL’s house and that they were to meet us there.  You may also remember how SIL hung up on Jacob not once but TWICE and then refused to answer his calls after that.  You may also recall that this was the beginning of time out island and that Jacob refused to speak to anyone with our last name for gosh, it had to be a good two months almost, and I firmly believe that he only took them off because Christmas was approaching.


Anyway, before my plans for the weekend went totally awry with the ankle biters moving in I had invited my MIL to come and see a movie w/a friend and I.  I knew she wouldn’t come before I asked, but lest I be accused of “not including her” or “when ever I (meaning her) try to do something nice you put up a wall”.  Her response to my request “I’m going to take a rain check, I don’t feel well” Yet when I told her that we then wouldn’t be over on Sunday because of this “illness” the response was “Oh no, I’m not sick” Hey what ever, I know until there is a NO VACANCY sign on my uterus that I am relegated to the bowels of the basement, but no on one will be able to accuse me of not trying!


Thus, being the good daughter in law that I am, I emailed her this morning.  “How are you feeling?”  I then regaled her with the stories of our weekend with the ankle biters, and told her that I was glad she turned me down for the movie because otherwise I would have had to cancel her arrival.  I also informed her that we wouldn’t be by this weekend either because we have my nephew’s birthday party.  Remember that, it’s also important!  She responds that she still has a headache, and then informs me that she won’t be home this weekend as she and my brother in law are going to Jess’s for the weekend.  Apparently there is a carnival or fair, or some other red neck festival going on in Cl@rion County this weekend.    “You and Jacob should come!”  She says.  “Tell you what; call Jessica she will give you directions straight to the house.  We can make it a nice weekend of it” 


First of all I was glad that I wasn’t drinking my diet Pepsi or I likely would have sprayed my key board.  I couldn’t help but laugh as I wrote my response.  “Obviously you have forgotten ALF, but Jacob and I haven’t.  So birthday or not I think we will pass” You know, I am still awaiting a response…but I won’t hold my breath lest I turn blue.


In other news…AF arrived in all of her glory this morning, just as my ticker informs us that we have EXACTLY 1 month till our vacation!  I still plan on calling around for a new GYN, but will wait until after AF has left the building to see what the state of the cervix is….who knows maybe like the MIL,  Mother Nature has a sense of humor too….


3 responses to “Silly Mother In Law…Trix Are For Kids…

  1. Mother Nature loves to ruin our plans. Have a romantic evening plan here come Auntie flow! Have a vacation planned here she comes again. Next time just plan for her to come and I bet she stays home!

  2. Gotta love af and mils for screwing things up. Gotta love it. That was so nice of her to invite you and Jacob to the carnival thing despite the fact that one sentence earlier you had told her you wouldn’t be seeing her because of the birthday party. Apparently she has her own agenda and doesn’t read so well. Because if she read about the birthday party, she would know you were already busy. Maybe she will put herself back on timeout island and you won’t have to do it this time. Maybe she will be so upset by your response that she won’t call for awhile. GOtta love it though. Mils are such great fun trying to figure out.

  3. I’ve banished my MIL a few times to the island. Unfortunatly she finds her dang way back.

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