Houston We May Have A Problem…

Prior to my last doomed pregnancy my cervix was nothing if not predictable.   She was pink, smooth, healthy and round.  When I became pregnant this go round she climbed so high and become so soft that I wasn’t completely convinced that I would ever be able to identify her again.  Yet as the DP resolved itself she seemed to return to her former glory, only she returned with a guest.  It seemed that I had a bump near the Os.  I noticed it when I placed the Nuva Ring for my forced month of trying to conceive exile.  I decided to keep an eye on it, but then with Jacob getting sick it slipped my mind.  Then when I began bleeding a week early and removed the ring the bump seemed to be gone so I didn’t think about it again.  During my ovulatory cycle I didn’t check my cervix.  After all I wasn’t supposed to ovulate on my own so I didn’t bother.

Once again on Friday it happened again.  Six days before the scheduled ring removal I started to experience the same bleeding again only this time coupled with some odd cervical mucus.  The ring can be removed for up to 2 hours a cycle and it is to still be affective.  I however only removed it to rinse it off, but it was never out of my body for longer than a minute or two at a time.  So I could not fathom why this would be occurring at this time.  It was at this time that I noticed something off with my cervix which required further examination.  It was then that I discovered that not only was the bump back, but that it seemed to have company.  My cervix is no longer round, and no longer smooth.  Instead it seems to have grown a “second” tier if you will of grape like growths.  That makes it seem much larger than what it is, but that is the only way I can describe what I am feeling.

Of course this discovery has lead to further “examinations” over the weekend, and it seems that with each exam the blood tinged mucus would re-occur.  So now I worry.  My immediate consultations with Dr. G@@gle lead to two different potential diagnosis.  There are of course three, but unless Jacob managed to have a fling with his ICU nurse who happened to be a man, I do not think that I have to worry about those.  So the remaining two are:  A.  The big scary C word.  Though all point say that with a negative pap smear that its unlikely.  But then we have them annually, and mine was in January.  A lot changes in a year or else we wouldn’t not have them annually.  Not only that, but Dr. T never did a pelvix exam following the DP, so who is to say what could have happened following that debacle.  Then there is option B.  Innocuous Nabothian Cysts.  Apparently they are most common after child birth, and they can be multiple or they can be singular.  They are simply an over growth of skin and are always benign.   They are also are recurrent for no reason other than they are now there.   But, and you knew there was a BUT right?  You need to see a doctor to rule out any other “issues”

Making the big hairy monster scarier is that AF starts 2 days after the removal of the Ring…and well I am still waiting.  I didn’t put the ring back in on Friday because I didn’t want to aggravate anything…and since there has been no cycle.  So I then I start worrying about Asherman’s Syndrome.  I tell you, I must stop researching things.  I haven’t told Jacob yes as I ended up with my sister’s kids this weekend, which totally threw all of my weekend plans off even further.  I think I will wait till after I have seen a doctor…which brings up another issue…I have to find a new GYN.  I do not trust Dr. T to handle this any better than he handled my miscarriage…and this could be nothing or a HUGE something.  So come Monday in between crazy parents and whiny co-workers I need to look a the blue cross blue shield website to find a doctor who is not affiliated with the hospital that almost killed my husband, or with the GIANT corporation that I am employed by…which dramatically limits my options…


7 responses to “Houston We May Have A Problem…

  1. This post showed up for me first thing this morning on Bloglines but it wasn’t appearing on your blog for me to comment. I’ve been thinking about you all day.

    I hope it turns out to be nothing but you definitely need to get it checked. Thinking good thoughts for you.

  2. Cassie (DS Friend)

    I hope this turns out to be nothing. Keeping good thoughts and prayers for you:)

  3. I hope it’s nothing. Dr. Google is an alarmist sometimes! Just remember that. Keep us posted!

  4. Well I hope everything turns out to be good. You should go to East Suburban. They have good docs and evening hours.Let me know if you need the number.

  5. Get it checked out right away. Do not delay in this. I will ask you everyday until you do. I hope it’s nothing major but do not put this off.

  6. Oh my gosh, I truly hope this turns out to be cysts. Please get to a doctor soon. There’s a reason they tell us not to research too much on our own (even though we all do it)!

  7. I hope everything turns out well. Why is it this stuff always happens on the weekend when everyone is closed? Good luck finding a (competent) doctor!!

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