Change Of Venue…

While I was excited about going to Boston in the back of my head there was always a nagging saddness that accompanied it.  When we told Jacob’s mom I was pregnant she couldn’t get over the fact that I couldn’t stop peeing.  Jacob of course had to chime in about our vacation, and that with me needing to stop every 20 minutes that it might be better to fly.  I of course couldn’t help but do a quick bit of math.  I would be 23 weeks along, we would be going on vacation knowing if I was carrying our son or daughter with us.  The hotel was designed to look like a castle complete with a “mote” that was actually the pool.  I imagined my big belly floating above the water, under the New England sun.  When the pregnancy ended, the vacation plans didn’t, so those images of what could have been were still conjoured in my head.

Then two weeks ago, Jacob approached me and asked what I would think about going to Cooperstown New York instead?  We could take in the baseball hall of fame, the finger lakes, and the Kodak Museum to further fuel my love of photography.  While I am a baseball fan, I wasn’t totally psyched about vacationing at the hall of fame, but since this has been a destination that Jacob has mentioned frequently I relented.  He found a hotel room for $100 a night, but he never reserved them.   Almost daily I asked if he had, but every day his response was “we have time”  It was the same when I asked him if he cancelled the reservations for Boston  “we have time” 

Yesterday I was remembering our vacation from 2005.  It was our first in over 5 years, and we went to Myrtle Beach.  It was similar to the trip we were to take to Boston.  It was with a group that Jacob belong too, and we had a blast.  The only time we were apart was when he had convention obligations.  While those images flickered in my mind, my fingers started blazing on the keyboard.  I went to just to look, never expecting to be able to afford a room there in August!  Boy was I wrong!  For $328.56 (including tax) we get an OCEAN FRONT double queen room with kitchenette and balcony!!!    I quickly emailed Jacob, expecting to get a “we will talk about it later” answer.  Instead almost immediately I received a response,  “book it, I love the ocean” 

So this is where we are going!






I am so excited!!!  They have a lazy river that loops back under the hotel.  You walk over the board walk from the hotel and you are right back on the beach.  Last time we were there two different couples were married under the sea shell pavillion.  Then of course there are the off resort attractions too.  We will go to the board walk, and to Ripley’s Aquarium, and if time and money allow I would LOVE to go to Midievil Times.  Oh and then there is the Nascar go cart racing.  That was fun last time, except we all arrived so late that they were ready to close.  Oh how I can’t wait!!!!


7 responses to “Change Of Venue…

  1. Oh my gosh, that pool is amazing!!

    A new vacation with new memories, that is exactly what you need. It sounds like so much fun!!

  2. That is quite a change of venue from Groton. You will have a good time. it should be fun. Last time we went to the beach, we rented a house with some other people. It was nice to do things with them but do stuff ourselves too. We we a block away from the beach so it was nice to not be right on the beach but not far enough away that it took longer to lug our stuff than we would be spending there. It was great. We did the Nascar go carts too. We also did canoeing in the back bay. I certainly can’t imagine doing that at the present time but it was really fun at the time. I would probably sink the canoe if I tried that now. Anyway I know you will have an awesome time on your trip.

  3. A change in vacation will surely give you new memories.

  4. It looks gorgeous. Have loads of fun.

  5. OMG! That looks wonderful!

    Have lots of fun take lots of pictures and don’t get sunburned!

  6. I love the ocean! I am jealous. I hope you have a great time.

  7. Looks REALLY nice!

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