No Scooby Snacks For You!

Back in the day of Clomid, and long before I affectionately referred to a condom covered ultrasound wand as the dildo cam my prolactin level was elevated, or so the GYN said.  Dr. B has performed a laparascopy and a hysteroscopy and yet I still wasn’t pregnant.  His answer, I MUST have an elevated prolactin level so he put me on Dostinex.  At that time my level was probably around 30, but to be honest I can’t remember.  He began telling me that I may have a pituitary tumor, but that he was going to put me on a medication first to see if it would lower the levels.  I was put on Dostinex–1/2 of a pill every Wednesday for 3 months.  Miraculously my level was NORMAL at the follow ups, and remained normal so long as I had the test done on any cycle day prior to ovulation.  Then once we moved back to Pittsburgh, same result different day.  Perfectly NORMAL prolactin levels.

I haven’t thought much of it until today.  When the nurse says elevated I become concerned.  I have been getting headaches almost daily.  Of course I have also been wearing my hair in a pony tale, and am sun burned thanks to a day at P N C P A R K.  Yet neither of those events could be contributing to the headache.  No, it must be a pituitary tumor!  Of course Dr. G @ @ gle tried to reassure me, after all my levels are not in the 200 range, which can indicate a tumor, and I am not leaking milk from my otherwise non functional breasts.  Even when the nurse reassured me that it was nothing to be too excited about, I figured she MUST be lying. 

Then logic kicks in.  Yes, I channeled my inner Vulcan.  You remember him, his name is Tuvok.  I remembered that I had my prolactin levels drawn when I went for my cycle day 21 blood work under Dr. T.  On that day my Progesterone was 63, and my Prolactin was 41.  They weren’t concerned, and I was pregnant.  That made me think back to how many rounds of blood work I have had at the hospital where I work, and how many of them Other Dr. T has ordered with prolactin tests, and that number is 3.  After obtaining those levels I went to FF and checked my old charts, and sure enough was able to pinpoint EXACTLY where I was in each cycle that those levels were drawn.

My first test I was 2 days post ovulation–my last cycle with Dr. K to be exact–Prolactin level was 21.2

My second test I was annovulatory with a P4 run 15 days later @ .03  NO OVULATION FOR YOU! — Prolactin Level was 10.4

My test on 6/19–First natural cycle following the miscarriage–4 days post ovulation–P4 was a whopping 49.3  my prolactin level was 31.5

My conclusion is that I likely had a chemical pregnancy.  My HCG at 12 DPO was 2, and I had sustained temps unti the day of AF.  So its possible.  Though I am not adding it to my miscarriage count.  Just holding it in the back of my mind as a possibility, and will then compare my next round of blood work which I will have next week and see.

I figure I will remove the Nuva Ring on Sunday.  AF will start on Tuesday or Wendsday–I will then have my blood work done on Thursday or Friday–which ever ends up being cycle day 3.  After all Dr. T did order an FSH test too, and while I plan to restart the ring the following Sunday I am curious.  If my level is still high, then maybe Dr. B was right and I need Dostinex again.  If its normal then I can only conclude that the mystery is solved…Scooby Dooby Dooo!!!!


4 responses to “No Scooby Snacks For You!

  1. Wow!! That was some impressive research. It always amazes me how unhelpful the nurses can be. I want to ask, “Do you WORK there or what?!?!”

  2. That Scooby Doo is an amazing super sleuth!

    I hope you do not need the meds and the fears of a tumor can be completely dismissed and never thought of again.

    Wouldn’t it be great if the Dr’s kept track of everything that is going on with the patient so we would not have to put on our inspector gadget hat!

  3. I love your earlier comment about the ovarian “hokey-pokey”. So very, very true. The only way I even believe mine are still there at all is because I’ve seen the traitors on u/s. It’s frustrating when things get to such a level of wrong that you need the fracking Scooby Gang to help you sort through all the biological mysteries. It would be nice to believe that our medical providers aren’t feeling their way through the dark along with us…..

  4. It’s a crazy, crazy ride. I would take some evidence of a chemical as good news. You know, maybe it could work spontaneously for you. Ok, odds aren’t great, but still.

    I’m looking forward to hearing how it all plays out.

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