Apparently I’m Broken…Calling All Arm Chair Endocronologists

On Saturday I received an envelope in the mail from my endocronologist.  At first I assumed that perhaps he was leaving the practice which caused me to do a little jig, but I was wrong.  The contents of the envelope were/was a prescription for me to have a prolactin level redrawn.  However there were zero instructions as to when he wanted me to have it run.  So I called and left a message for the nurse yesterday and she returned the call this morning (note to self, find a different cell phone ringer–Dallas theme equals abrupt and annoying).

She said “Im not sure what test your referring too”  Uhm well lets see…the one you sent me a script for!  So I told her the lone prolactin test.  I then told her that my last test was run in conjunction with my post ovulatory testing.  When the nurse gives you a long pause you tend to worry…so I asked what the problem was with my Prolactin level.  “Well its elevated”  I went on to explain that those levels were drawn at 4 DPO, and asked if since I confirmed ovulation if perhaps that was the reason for an increased prolactin level?  She couldn’t answer.  Instead she looked at a chart–

NORMAL prolactin level is .06—20 

MY LEVEL at 4 DPO was 31.5

Of course the only levels of normal that I can find are for cycle day 3 followed by “if you have elevated prolactin if can impeed ovulation”  Now that is fine, but that was a POST ovulatory level.  When I was pregnant my prolactin was elevated.  So why isn’t this normal for a post ovulatory check?  I asked her if being on the Nuva Ring now would affect a level?  Again she couldn’t answer.

Then of course my mind starts to spin–was I pregnant when that level was taken?  My P4 certainly indicated that it was a possibility.  Was it a chemical?  Certainly my cervix didn’t indicate this, but the painfully sore girls certainly did, as did the post ovulatory temps.  Or do I have a pituitary tumor?  Or is it stress?  After all Jacob had only been out of the hospital for 3 weeks at that time, so reasonably if not a chemical pregnancy then stress for sure.  I am totally confused though…I have NONE of the symptoms associated with elevated prolactin. 

Can anyone shed any light on this???  Anyone???  Oh and she coudln’t answer if the Nuva Ring would interfere with these results either…HELP…SOS…HELP


3 responses to “Apparently I’m Broken…Calling All Arm Chair Endocronologists

  1. Gotta love the fact that they sent you the letter but can’t answer any questions about it. I would assume that being that it was after ovulation the other test results could change. Everything seems to affect everything else so that is my assumption. But then again there is no RN, DO, or even MD behind my name so that is just guessing. I would call and see if you can talk to a different nurse or get better answers though because if you spontaneously ovulate on your own again, you wouldn’t want any results to be screwed up this time. Then you will end up repeating the whole process with script, phone call and lack of information. SOrry I am not much of a help here. Good luck.

  2. Sorry, I have no assvice on prolactin…just wanted to say, I feel you. When I got the thyroid antibody results I was floored…and no one can really tell me what this means. It’s always something else…though I do find slight humor in the fact that we’ve mirrored one another for the last few months. Hope you get some answers.

  3. Hi, this is regarding Many different symptoms are experienced by women when ovulation is taking place. Some of these popular symptoms include tenderness of the breasts.

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