Moving On…

No, I am not shutting down the blog AGAIN.  Scared you though for a second didn’t I?  No, I am talking about moving in the physical sense.  Jacob and I have often talked about getting out from under the money pit.  The last time we talked about it we actually went and looked at a town house.  What prevented us from moving was that I was 10 days post ovulation, and 4 days later I would discover I was pregnant.  Who wants to live in a condo when you can bring your baby home to a house that needs more restorative work than the Titanic?  Actually that wasn’t the reason.  Jacob simply didn’t want to move by himself.  I wouldn’t be lifting any heavy furniture this time, and that was not his idea of fun.  So we squelched that idea, and haven’t really revisited since…until yesterday that is.

Enroute to the Pir @ te game in which we lost 11-6 at the hands of the St. L0uis C @ rdin @ ls I discussed with Jacob my itinerary for my Friday’s off when we begin the 4-10 hour days.  Part of my plan was to complete the little projects around the house that he had been neglecting.  See, Jacob like his father and his grand father before him is great at finding problems with the house.  Then in a grandeous move will start to fix the problem.  However after the initial let me make the problem LOOK worse than it originally did is when he decides the project is “over his head” or that it will cost too much money to complete, or he doesn’t have the proper tools.  Hence why I have a 2ft by 2ft hole in the living room ceiling…but I digress.

During my liteny when he scoffed at my remodeling ideas I told him that it was time to put the house on the market and get out from under it.  He told me he doesn’t want to buy again, and I agreed.  It’s just us so there is not need financially or historically for us to own property.  Lets take the loss now in our 30’s, and move on.  We are not good home owners, because of Jacob’s said procrastination gene and the fact that I am not Little Suzie Homemaker.  I can’t keep a house clean.  However our apartments because of their size were spotless.  Sure there may have been a day or so of dishes in the sink, but the rest of the place was immaculate.  The house however more often looks like a tornado went through it.  So for many reasons this will be a good move.

Jacob’s only stipulation is that we move to a complex.  He doesn’t want to move into a converted house.  UNLESS we rent a whole  house which sort of defeats the purpose of giving up our house…when you rent a house you take on much of the responsibility–land scaping, minor wear and tear ETC.  Those are the things we are trying to get away from.  Still, I told him if he found a house to rent that was reasonably priced then we could at least consider it.  My stipulations are that we have 2 bedrooms.  I want Jacob to have an office.  I do not want his computer in the living room.  I also want a pool, and onsite laundry facitilities or hook ups.  None of these demands are unreasonable.  We had all of that plus a gym at our last apartment in Connecticut, and ironically were only paying $70 more a month than we pay now.

So our goal is November.  We are socking away as much of our take home pay into the savings as possible.  My sisters mother in law is a realitor.  So we want to discuss with her the ramifications of a short sell, selling “as is”, and listing as a handy man special.  Granted we will do surface repairs to the projects Jacob has started, but truth be told the best rehab for that house will be to gut it and start over.  The exterior is beautiful rock, and the roof is slate  so its solid…it just that the inside due to being empty for to long,  and then getting us as owners was not a good combo. 

So we are movign on, and  I am excited for the first time since April…I just hope that unlike April that this birth comes to fruition!


4 responses to “Moving On…

  1. Good for you! I hope that everything goes smoothly. Houses are definitely headaches. And I don’t think any of your requests are unreasonable at all!

  2. I think sometimes it is good to get new scenery around you. I hope the apartment hunting goes well. Maybe you can call my husband. We do have a truck afterall. We have helped just about everybody else in the county move (some more than once) so give us a call.

  3. Good for you guys! I’ve told DH more than once that we bought more house than we need and I’d love to sell it and buy a smaller house on a larger parcel of land…in another state. But who knows if that will happen. Good luck to you!

  4. Ok, So where do you think you might want to move? Staying on the East side of town or are you moving more to Greentree side of town?

    Remember you must stay within the 5 miles otherwise you will not be able to come to craft night.

    Happy hunting wish you the best.

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