Ok…So Its Kind Of Funny…

Jacob and I relish our couple status on the weekends. We used to languish in bed back in the days when we believed that having sex would result in our becoming a family. Now however, we are up and at em’ sometimes at the same time that we would go to work during the week. This morning was one of those days. I was up at 6, and while I did originally crawl back into bed, I decided that since I was up, I might as well be up. Much to Jacob’s disappointment–hey its been 10 years, cut me some slack here people.

So after a round on Guit@r Her0 III on the PS III we decided that our morning would be far better spent at the peddlers fair. Quickly I showered and dressed with Jacob right behind me. As we bounded down the steps Jacob informed me that he (as usual) was hungry. We decided on Bur.g.er King only because I haven’t decided if I really like Wen.dy’s breakfasts yet, but I am going for NOT to be honest. Per the norm we ordered soft drinks with our meals, and per the norm its my job to fill the cups while Jacob waits for our food. Today his order was root beer.

I walk over to the dual ice and soda machines. I press the button for ice, and out it comes. I then move the cup under the nozzle for the root beer, again repeating the motion of pushing the button so that the liquid can dispense. Only instead of a steady stream of brown liquid filling the cup below I am sprayed with a combination of sticky syrup and cold seltzer water. The entire front of my shorts caught stream. So it looks like I have been playing in a mud puddle.

The managers response? To laugh, and then to ask who put the nozzles on? No offer of a towel, no apology, nothing. Instead she makes the cashier go replace the nozzle, and he to then begins to laugh when she explains that and I quote “that lady just got sprayed” Now Jacob is typically the voice of reason so while I stood there scowling I didn’t anticipate his “assistance” until he asked if there was a phone number for the district manager on the receipt. “Well what do you need that for?” The manger asked. “You laughed at my wife when she got sprayed!” He told her as if she hadn’t been there. “I didn’t laugh, I told him to fix it”  Jacob still kept his cool, but made his demand immediate “You can give me the phone number, or I can call your corporate office and go from there” At this point me and my mouth start. “Apparently you missed customer service 101 because ignorance and rudeness are not the criteria for promotion in my book” If looks could kill I surely would be dead. I know she wanted to say something more when she finally returned with the phone number of her DM because she then took  her frustrations out on her line cooks.   We finished our meals, all the while listening to her continue to laugh about the incident, but it was we who got the last laugh when we stood up and wished them all a good day.

I just do not get the young 20 somethings of today. Yes, it was kind of funny and had she offered an apology, or a towel I likely would have laughed myself. However, ignorance and blatant rudeness is something I do not tolerate, and yet I fear the children of the 80’s perpetuate this daily. I guarantee that had it first been a man who was the manager, and second had he been in his 30’s or 40’s he would have been apathetic, and apolgetic…and then like us, he would have said “you know that was kind of funny”


6 responses to “Ok…So Its Kind Of Funny…

  1. It is funny. BUT, she should have only laughed if it was her employee or herself getting squirted. NEVER at a customer. Even if she went in the back and laughed later – but not where customers can see her.

  2. It is one of those situations where it ~is~ kind of funny, but only if you get to laugh first!!!! I am all about making fun of myself, but other people can make fun only if I do it first.

    I love Guitar Hero III . . . there just aren’t enough hours in the day . . .

  3. It makes me feel and sound so old when I say “the kids of today..”, but, really, the kids of today are just unbelievable. I know I’m generalizing, and, clearly, they are not all like this, but, so many of the ones I encounter just feel so, I don’t know ,the best word I can come up with is entitled. And, they have so little sense of what’s appropriate.

  4. This was funny.

    But management should have offered an apology.

    After the apology a simple offer to make amends and then laugh with the customer not at the customer.


  5. It was kind of funny but you are right atleast if she would have offered some kind of assistance or offered something nice then everybody could have had the chance to laugh. Well glad that Jake stepped up and put her in her place.

  6. Cassie (DS Friend)

    She should have offered the apology, then laughed later!! Things like this happen to me on a daily basis!! Yes, it is funny, but you are right, only if you get the first laugh in. Being a manager, she should have a little more common sense to help before busting a gut!!

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