You’ve Lost Weight…

When someone tells you that you look like you have lost weight, one typically says thank you and moves on. Or if they know how much weight they have lost, such as myself they will say “Thank you, 7 lbs to be exact” and then move on. Again, this is what normally happens.

“Susan you look like you have lost weight”

“Thank you”

Conversation turns to something monotonous like “do you guys want some soda?”

“Really you are looking good!”

“Thanks, I have lost 7 lbs since May”

I plead with Jacob to change the subject using only my eyes.  So we begin discussing the baseball game, and our 10th wedding anniversary.

Then out of no where having nothing to do with the conversation–

“You’re looking good girlie girl”

“Thanks” I say again.

“No really, you have lost weight, but you do realize its all in your boobs”

Three guesses who was being taken off of time out when they said it…

Happy Fourth of July all!!!


3 responses to “You’ve Lost Weight…

  1. Can’t people just give a compliment and leave it at that?!?! Sheesh.

  2. I forget who is still on time out. Congrats on your weight loss and strut since you look so good!

  3. Cassie (DS Friend)

    I hope she’s back on time out!! Congrats on your weight loss!! Forget about those comments, some people just don’t know when to stop (or be appropriate!!). Unfortunately I do always lose in my boobs first, that’s how DH knows I’m losing weight!!

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