The Kindness of Strangers…

One of Jacob’s and my passions is walking around peddlers fairs, and lucky for us we have one up the road from us. We haven’t been in quite some time, April 6 to be exact (funny what we remember isn’t it), and with today’s rain in the forecast we weren’t sure if we would get there on this particular Sunday either, but we did. Armed with $100, we weren’t sure we would find anything of interest given that the asphalt was only half full.

Towards the end of the rows however my luck changed. In my past life I was a studio photographer, and then a studio manager. However a high school introduction to photography spawned a life long love. So through the years I began what has become a rather nice sized camera collection of unusable, but interesting oldies but goodies.  My Brownie for example for $3 has to be my best find so far.  Yet, every now and again I will stumble upon a camera that is still usable, but that is so over priced that I refuse to take it home. This I have found especially true of the P@ntax K100( ) everyone who has them KNOWS what they have. Until today that is, and it was Jacob who stumbled across it. A PRISTINE K 1()()() in a case with not only a 50 mm lens, but a 200 mm lens!! At first I walked past, there was no way that I could possibly walk away with it, they probably wanted $200 for it. But in reality it was $65 Jake relayed, for everything. The body, a 50 mm lens, and a 200 mm lens. I played with it for a minute, checking the internal light meter, confirming that the lenses and mirror weren’t scratched. It was beautiful, and felt so good in my hands. Still, with 2 cameras at home–one SLR digital, and one SLR 35 mm I couldn’t justify spending $65 on it not matter how wonderful it would be. Then they offered it to us for $50, but I still declined.

As we were leaving the fair, my legs became concrete. I couldn’t walk back to the car. I was lusting after a camera that spawned a passion.   Jacob said, lets go back and get it, I don’t want you to regret not buying it.  “Offer them $40, if they accept I will take it” I told Jacob and away we went.  We raced back to the row praying that it was still there, containing my excitement when I discovered that it was. I held back when we arrived, I didn’t want to be disappointed, but as I saw Jacob stoop down and pick up the case I knew it was mine. I rejoined him and took my prize. Making sure to thank the sales woman. As we turned to walk away she called us back “Camera lady wait a second” she said and my heart sank. She changed her mind. $40 was a steal and she knew it. “Here I want to give this to you. You will appreciate it” I looked down and in her hands was a box. Inside of the box was an equally pristine leather bound Polaroid Land Camera. “I stammered out a thank you” and walked back up the row towards our car.  I couldn’t believe it.  I had a new piece for my collection, and a coveted camera to rediscover a passion with.

The lady who sold me my dream  didn’t know it, but the last time we were at the fair, I had a feeling I was pregnant and two days later I found out I was, nor does she know that a week later on a Sunday that I started spotting or that today started my AF. Marking the end of our conception efforts. So while, we were there to have fun and were. In the back of my head those two events were intermingling. Yet during a brief encounter, she completely turned Sunday’s from a day that I hate into a day that rekindled love. She didn’t have to take $40, and she didn’t have to add to my collection…but she did, and I am so grateful that there are strangers out there who are kind. Who without even being aware made my day in more ways than one.

Now if I can just find someone who is selling a dark room enlarger I think I can easily convert the “nursery” into a dark room and who knows… I may just remember what it was like to be consumed by something other than efforts related to TTC…


8 responses to “The Kindness of Strangers…

  1. HOW LUCKY!!! I too have a love of photography, however, not from the taking pictures aspect, but the lab aspect. I’ve worked in three different studios all promising to teach me the basics of picture taking, yet, no one has ever followed through. Not because of empty promises, no, but because of hectic schedules. My hubby did end up buying a Canon Rebel a little more than a year ago and I love ‘playing’ with it. I just wish I could learn how to use it to its full potential. Now, you put Photoshop in front of me and you’ve never seen eyes light up and fingers move so fast. I can turn a photo into whatever you want…..I just can’t be the one who took it!

  2. Yeah!! I love finding things for cheap (or free).
    If you figure out how to not be consumed by ttc, let me know! I’m trying to figure that part out…

  3. That is great. I am glad for your that you were able to get both cameras. That is awesome. Now I expect that you can get some cameras to work and come over to my house to take pictures of the new little one in November.

  4. Cassie (DS Friend)

    What a find!!! I love photography. I’m often called the family papparazzi!!

  5. ooooooooooooooooo i love old cameras! they are so beautiful! i had a yashica mat lm that i got for my birthday years ago and i just loved it! i ended up selling it b/c it was just sitting in the closet, i wish i’d have kept it.

  6. This is so cool! I sister would have freaked! She loves camera that is something she had in common with my mom!

    I just like looking at them. Enjoy!

  7. What a sweet find!!

  8. What a nice story. It’s nice to hear when a stranger surprises you! Enjoy!

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