Well Now That I Know…

I am 12 dpo today so I decided to put us all out of our misery.  I had some fairly tender breasts the other day, but over and above that ZIPPO for prenancy symptoms.  Of course the PR is “Every pregnancy is different”  but when you have been playing as many innings of the ball game as I have, you know when its a home run and when its a strike.

I wouldn’t nessessarily call this a strike.  I would say it was a fly ball to left center field, and it was caught.  Either way I am out.

My HCG was 2, and my P4 which had been 49.3 at 4 days post ovulation has now droped to 10.8  Aunt Flo should be here right on time, on Sunday.  Which of course completely throws off my “I never have a 14 day LP unless pregnant” mantra.  I tell you the best laid plans…

So there it is.  The 2ww is for all intents and purposes over.  Now we have to decide how to proceed next.  While idealy I would love to jump back into the frey with both feet, my PTO and my impending vacation do not allow me that luxury.  So who knows where to go from here…but at least now that I know…I can plan accordingly…


5 responses to “Well Now That I Know…

  1. I am use to commenting and sometime I guess I should not but I still feel compelled to do so.

    If you need to talk, I am here.
    If you need to be alone, I will go away but I will alway come back again.
    If you need to cry, I will had you the tissues
    If you need to yell, I will scream also.
    If you need to beat someone up, I will hold them for you!


  2. Geez. I’m sorry.

  3. I have to agree with what lavon says. I will hold somebody while you beat em up. I am sorry for this.

    (By the way, is this another new wallpaper. I still have to change mine from the first time you changed and now you are on like 6 changes later. I will never be able to keep up.)

  4. I am so very sorry…….

    So, it is especially important today to thank you for all that you do for the IF community, despite the sadness and struggles you are going through. Thank you for being a blogroll clicker!!

  5. Love the new digs…it’s much better than the lime green (no offense, but it hurt my eyes to click on your blog…but I kept coming!)

    Sorry this cycle was a “bust”. I’m also waiting for AF.

    I see the RE on the 2nd of July so I’m hoping she comes anywhere between Sunday and then so I can have my bloodwork and u/s done at the same time as our consult.

    Love and Hugs

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