Well…Isn’t That Interesting…

It’s now official, cycle day 15 and its a bust.  I got all excited yesterday I rose to 98.0, that was a total of .05 degree rise, but not all in one day.  Could it be?  Perhaps I ovulated?  I wished then that I had temped the whole cycle of March 10th instead of just the last week and a half.  Oh well, 20/20 hind site right?  Anyway, today same temperature 98.0  FF still refuses to give me a cover line.  I could try again tomorrow, but really why fight city hall?  Besides, there is always next cycle. 

Anyway, I had a doctors appointment yesterday.  More blood work to follow yippee.  I think this is a 5 or 6 vial draw, but what ever…oh crap, I forgot and ate this morning.  Shit.  These are all fasting tests.  HbA1C, FSH/LH, Prolactin, Testosterone, Progestone, and a CBC.  Oh well, like I said earlier, there is always tomorrow.  Any how…the doctor was in a mood “Did you get your blood work done?”  He sneared.  “Yes, its in the chart.  The page you just past”  He looked at it, and then at me.  “Good girl.  You are the only one who did what I told you to do today.  No one else got their blood work done, and I have copies of all of your orders”  He then looked at my random stick that they did in the office–my glucose was a whopping 110!  Its ussually 134 at the office.  My HbA1C which gives them a look at how I have controled my sugar over 3 months was 6.0!  That means that on average my sugar is 120 at any given time!  That is PERFECT.  My weight, well I won’t give you that number but it seems that since I was him last (5 weeks pregnant) that I have LOST 7 pounds!  My blood pressure which has been elevated at around 150/90 has come down to 118/68!!! And I haven’t been to the gym since I foudnd out I was pregnant!!!  He asked me how I did that and I told him “Well a miscarriage, and my husbands near death experience I suppose”  He wasn’t amused, but said “If all of my patients were as good as you I would be out of business”

We went on to discuss the miscarriage, and he said that the diabetes has NOTHING to do with my miscarriages.  I am in too good of control for that to affect the outcome of my pregnancies.  He said my cholesterol is slightly elevated, but within range and that my hormonal panels are all in order.  So as far as he is concerned he sees no reason why I shouldn’t be able to become pregnant again and carry to full term if there are no genetic annomolies.  He also expressed his disgust with Dr. K and his refusal to do my surgery.  So that gave me some professional validation.  I wasn’t just chasing windmills.

So there you have it.  I am the picture of hormonal health.  Now if I could just find that damn egg…


4 responses to “Well…Isn’t That Interesting…

  1. Cassie (DS Friend)

    I’m glad to hear you are well health wise. Hopefully you’ll find that egg soon!!!

  2. Well atleast things went well at the doctor’s office. Also don’t forget, the cycle that I thought was a bust I ovulated on cycle day 21. So maybe your body isn’t done playing games with you yet. Good luck on this cycle or next cycle whatever the case may be.

  3. Good health! The egg will be found soon.

  4. Congrats on a good report from the docs.

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