Be Still My Beating Heart…

Do I dare even say it?  Do I dare even think it?  Do I dare put it out in the nebulous universe?

Breathe Susan, breathe.

I no longer think that its my imagination playing tricks on me.  My ovaries are both indeed playing the hokey pokey, though I hope they skip the “turn yourself around” part because that would hurt.  My temperature declined a bit, which its known to do right before ovulation time in a “normal woman” but come on, seriously I am not normal!  Then there is the matter of the cervix.  It has risen, and is opening some.  I wouldn’t exactly call her soft, but I would call her tip of the nose hard either.  Then, oh yes then there is the matter of the cervical mucus.  It is copious, and it is egg white in nature.  Still a little opaque, but holy cow if it were silly putty I don’t think it would stretch as far!

Basically ladies and gentleman…I do believe the myth remains true…women w/PCOS are more fertile after a miscarriage.  Now the question remains, will I become pregnant and carry to term.  That I suppose is more a mystery than a question of biology at this point.  I just hope that this isn’t some cruel joke that my body is playing on me.  That this seeming fertile period isn’t just a cruel joke.  I hope that I really ovulate.  Oh boy, how does this work?

Even on my March 10th cycle I didn’t have THIS MUCH CM until AFTER I ovulated and got pregnant.  I am not an EWCM producing kind of girl.  So seriously, how much time do I have do you think?  I am entering CD 11.  So what, 24 hours?  48 hours?  96?  What is the window after a .02 temp drop, and the arrival of EWCM.  I know its not today…neither my innards nor my temp tell me it will be today, or tomorrow…but either way I guess I better go snuggle up with my hubby.  Perhaps instead of toasting ovulation with a bottle of wine, I can pick him up some Gatorade Rain.  After all, I don’t want him to get dehydrated.

Oh be still my beating heart…and the rest of me…remember to breathe….


4 responses to “Be Still My Beating Heart…

  1. Good luck. I hope you aren’t reading this and you are busy snuggling!

  2. Cassie (DS Friend)

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  3. Well I am hoping you catch the egg(s). Go for it girl! This is exciting news.

    I have plenty of gatorade at my house. He can drink up.

  4. Great! Boom chic a wa wa!

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