A Day In The Life Of A Super Genius…

If you live in or around the Pittsburgh area or are a sports zealot you are likely familiar with Mark “Double M” Madden.  If you don’t live in or around Pittsburgh and are not a sport zealot you likely have no clue who he is and very likely don’t care.  Even so, I am going to explain him to you.  “Double M” was the afternoon sports shock jock on ESPN radio until recently when he was fired for making some pretty caustic remarks against Ted Kennedy shortly after he was diagnosed with his brain tumor.  “Double M” had a habit of not only walking the line, but more often than not putting not just a toe, but an entire foot on the other side of it.


During his reign he decreed that given his superior IQ that he was and should from hence on be referred to a super genius.  Regardless of race, sex, creed, or national origin he was smarter than you and had no qualms in telling you what an idiot you were.  I question this however as the best insult he could spew more often than not was “what a jerk” Personally if you are a super genius like me, I expect you to be able to come up with an adjective better than “jerk” on a daily and segment long basis.  Something along the lines of “you are a tubular slime sucking mollusk”  for example works for me.  On the other hand, while spewing insults against your followers does make you sound egomaniacal rather than smart.  However,  if you still feel you must spew forth said insult, at least spew forth something that makes you sound smarter than those whose intelligence you are questioning.  Heck, my 4 year old niece can come up with that.


At any rate, like Double M, I am surrounded by ineptness…only I can’t go around calling my co-workers, and boss a “tubular slime sucking mollusk”  Well I could…but then I suppose I would become dependant upon the democrats passing the bill that would allow one to collect unemployment for 13 weeks longer than the current 26 weeks allows.  Being a super genius certainly has its privileges, but unemployment is not one of them…


Lisa, I hope this post didn’t bore you today


One response to “A Day In The Life Of A Super Genius…

  1. Wile E Coyote Super Genius! I am sure I would refer to myself as a Super Genius.

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