MOM…I’m Bored

I’m bored.


Jacob seems to be on the upswing of the mend.  No longer does he turn ghastly white when he rises from a prone position.  His work week is a full 40 hours, and we are slowly starting to allow ourselves to make plans.  I find myself squelching the need to pick up the phone every hour just to hear his voice on the other end.  Yet each of our conversations begins with “how are you feeling?”  Even though I already know the answer before I ask the question.  No longer does the witching hour of 2 a.m. cause either of us to stir from a sound sleep just so that we can stare at the clock and confirm that he is still alive. 


We made plans for the weekend before the weekend even got underway.  On Saturday we are joining a fellow blogger and her husband for dinner.  The menu was planned on Thursday.  My contribution of dessert was decided on Friday, and directions to their abode were sent out on Monday.  So far, knock on wood the planets have aligned and there is no reason why on Saturday evening we won’t be carrying strawberry short cake and a myriad of other goodies to our host.


On Sunday we are to head to Kennywood.  That is the plan of course if the weather holds and the temperatures don’t soar into the mid 90’s by mid morning.  Our ups and downs of the roller coasters this day will be on the Jack Rabbit, the Thunder Bolt and the good old Racers as opposed to those of ICU, NG tubes, and a fanatical boss who has never come out and said it, but who I believe thinks I am lying about Jacob’s condition.  Oh well, my mother always said “The truth shall set them free” and I have a purple file of truth when ever she wants to see it.


As for me, well I am still on cycle day 9.  Just like last cycle this one seems to be dragging.  I am religiously taking my BBT every morning since I failed to procure OPK’s.  Every now and again I imagine a pressure in my middle that tells me my ovaries are functioning, and then there is the EWCM that seems to be being produced, but then I realize that even with Dr. T’s tutelage last cycle and 5 eggs to boot that I never felt a thing.  This is simply my psyche filling a void left by boredom.


Boredom is good…but left in the hands of an amateur can be dangerous…but its ok folks, I am a professional just don’t try any thing you read on this blog at home.  You have been warned…


5 responses to “MOM…I’m Bored

  1. Well I am glad that the roller coasters this week consist of amusement park rides instead of ICU visits. hopefully the weather stays right where it is and you will have a great time. (I don’t know if I will be going there this summer seeing as how the only thing I think I can ride is the turnpike, the train and the old mill (which frankly hasn’t been the same since it became Garfield’s hideaway.)

    I am also really looking forward to the strawberry shortcake. I can’t wait. I am excited about us getting together.

    Hope the ovaries start getting into gear but if not this cycle, then definetely next cycle.

  2. So glad to hear Jacob is feeling more himself…and that your scheduling of plans has resumed to “normal”. It’s been so humid here that any plans DH and I may have had now consist of finding the nearest AC unit. Enjoy the amusement park…

  3. Wow! That post was boring! lol!!!! j.k. Glad Jacob is getting better!

  4. Kennywoodland! Enjoy Tell him to try the baby dips first just to make sure all is good. Then get on the thurderbolt!
    Have some fun for me!

  5. Boring is much better than the excitement of the hospital!

    Glad things are getting back to normal and Jacob is feeling better.

    BTW, loved the idea of buying your MIL her own island!

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