Tag…I’m It

Jamie has tagged me, and to be honest Kathy tagged me EONS ago, and it just completely slipped my mind.  So today, since I had nothing much to blog about I will play.  Base is my office, but don’t touch anything on my desk, and that includes my brain…yes I have a brain that sits on my desk…perhaps one day I will show it to you.  Now stop distracting me, I am it and I have a game to play!

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago-

1.  I became a first time aunt

2.  I got married

3.  Had my 1st miscarriage

4.  Was diagnosed with PCOS

5.  Was living in Connecticut


On My To Do List Today

1.  Have lunch time meeting with new clinic manager

2.  Find ATM Card

3.  Cancel ATM card if i don’t find it

4.  Have argument with Jacob about how irresponsible I am (see #2 & #3)

5.  Cry if 3 & 4 occur


5 Snacks (Do they cound if I would (and have) eat(en) them for breakfast?)

1.  Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food–so worth the diabetic coma!

2.  RED Swedish Fish

3.  Gummy worms

4.  Oreo Cookies (double stuffed–as if you had to ask)

5.  Dark chocolate

If I were a billionaire…

1.  I would finally be able to afford endless rounds of IVF!

2.  I would buy a convertable–don’t care what kind

3.  Would set up trust funds for my niece and nephews

4.  I would buy my MIL her own island…and leave her there

5.  I would buy a nice house that comes complete with house keeper

Where Have I lived

1.  Groton Connecticut (Can we say Navy wife)

2.  Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

3.  Beaver Pennsylvania

Jobs I have had…

1.  Patient Access Specialist (the title is way better than the pay let me tell you)

2.  Professional studio photographer

3.  Studio manager

4.  Photo lab manager

5.  Navy wife…the hardest job in the Navy.  As anyone on base!

Ok so now I have to tag people back.  Ok here goes.  If you want to be tagged, you are.  Now get off my desk, and you in the blue…put my brain down.  Geesh, you don’t follow directions well do you?




4 responses to “Tag…I’m It

  1. I like the idea of buying the island for your mil and leaving her there. Atleast in my case that would put a permanent stop to unexpected and unannounced visits.

    I have been to Groton. If you blink while riding by you will get to the next town and will have missed Groton. But very pretty.

  2. I love the pic!! That is one hell of a tag!

    I hope you find your ATM card. I never know what is worse – the fact that I have lost something very important or that I seem to be slipping into old age sometimes!!

  3. I love the island for your MIL! You took my answer! lol

  4. Love the picture. I wish I could tag someone with claws!

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