Be Nice To Me…

Do your remember those stickers they used to give you?  Be nice to me I gave blood today. 

Well thats exactly what I did.  This has been a cause that has always been near and dear to me, but after last week it is even more so.  On the Friday before Memorial Day I was walking back from the caffeteria at one of the “adult” hospitals and glanced at a sign on the wall.  It states that 95% of the population will need a blood transfusion at some point in their life.  I didn’t think much of it at the time, after all I am only 33, Jacob is 31 who thinks of things like that at our ages?  Yet a week ago yesterday there we were watching as a pint that someone took the time out to donate went back in. 

I had set up this appointment a few weeks ago, thinking I would still be on the ring, so that there wouldn’t be a problem…but with the early arrival of AF I was kind of worried that I may not be able to donate today.  After all I am on CD 3, and there was a great chance that my own iron might be low, but I got lucky.   I also had an over zealous nurse doing my physical.  My iron, though it dropped “hung” at first so she decided to do an H/H slide.  I am perfect at 13.4  It was then that I realized what a service blood donors really do, but that you don’t think about.  Jake was at 10 when he went into the hospital, and was at an 8.2 when they transfused.  Here I am a woman on a cycle and my H/H was 13.4  Thank God for the people who take the time to donate.

If you are able–Over 110 lbs, have no active infections, not pregnant, not on antibiotics, please take the time today to find a blood bank near you.  Set up an appointment.  It only takes about an hour of your time.  Me, I was here at 7, and at my desk by 7:45.  It doesn’t hurt, and you will feel fine afterwards.  Remember, 95% of the population will need blood and while we are young you never know when it could be you or a loved one.  The country is in desperate need for volunteers, and you could become one. 

Please take the time to donate a pint.  Then when you are eligible again in 8 weeks do it again, and remember if you are O+, and have already donated you may have been the person who saved my husbands life, and if you are AB+ and are in need, I may be the one to save yours.  So remember, be nice to me, I gave blood today.


11 responses to “Be Nice To Me…

  1. That is great that you were able to give back. They say that every time you give blood, you can save three lives. It is amazing how doing something so simple can be so rewarding for someone else. I obviously cannot give at the current time (and probably won’t be able till about January cause you have to wait until atleast 7 weeks after being pregnant) but I will give my O- as soon as I can. I am a universal donor so I am always in demand. Thanks for this reminder.

  2. I am a regular at my local LifeSource center. I used to donate platelets every week (takes about 2-3 hours)…it was how I spent my Saturday mornings. But the last time I tried, I couldn’t last the full time and had to have them take the needle out (bad placement I think). Since I’ve moved and the center closest to me now doesn’t have the machine for platelets, I donate my A+ every chance I can. It makes me feel good to know that I’m helping someone.

  3. What a wonderful thing to do. I always liked the episode of 90210 when Dylan took Brenda to the blood donation for Valentine’s Day. Will try to have John Dear and myself give sometime soon. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Thanks for this post! It is easier to remember how important blood donation is when you put a face on it – even if it is a virtual face!

  5. Cassie (DS Friend)

    I just want to say THANK YOU for donating. My dad was a regular donar before his stroke, now he’s no longer able due to medications. My husband was always a donar too, and still does when he’s able. Myself, am not able to donate. I tend to always be low on iron, and I’ve been told because of that I’m not a great candidate. I wish I were. When I had my first m/c shortly after our wedding, my iron level was between 8-9. I know how that feels, and how long it takes to regain the energy, etc afterwards. You and Jacob are always in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck this cycle!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you:)

  6. Very inspiring! When I’m off the IVF meds, I’ll do it. I promise.

  7. Excellent point!

    My dad has had to receive plateletts, and they are hard to come by.

    Thank you for your public service announcement! 🙂

  8. This is a very good way to get people to help others.

    It is great when something is in place and actually does what it is meant to do.

    Keep on inspiring other to help where there is a need and I will continue to be nice to you always.

  9. I’m terrible at remembering or even thinking to do this. You’re a gooder.

  10. Thank you for posting this. I am an avid blood donor but it took a tragedy for me to become one. My mom had acute leukemia and had to get a blood and/or platlet transfusion almost daily for the eight months before she died. Before that time, I would donate occassionally but I never realized how the blood is actually used to save lives.

  11. Thanks for this reminder (and for your recent comment). Given how much blood I was accustomed to giving for medical exams I got very disinterested in any kind of needles coming at my veins. Now that I’m in a different place, I need to change my view on the experience from negative to positive. Donating is clearly one way to do that…

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