Next On The DIY Network…

Well there will be no ultrasounds this cyle. No blood work to boot. Perhaps no baby at all. Odds surely aren’t in our favor for that. However we will be giving it the old college try.

There are two reasons for this decision. The first being Jacob. Imagine if you will a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi, Coke, what ever drink you desire. Empty 1/2 of that out. Then empty the other half out into a seperate container and put a lid on it. Obtain a 20 oz bottle and drain, oh I don’t know about 1/2 of that into the container as well. Take the remains of the 20 oz bottle and put them into the 2 liter bottle. This will represent how much blood Jacob lost, and how much was artifcially replaced. It’s not a lot when you look at how much volume there is in 2 liters considering that 20 oz is 1.25 pints.

It takes the average blood donor 4-6 weeks to replace the red blood cells that are lost when a pint is donated. 2 pints equal a quart, and 2 liters equals 2.1 quarts. That is the volume that Jacob lost, so imagine how long that will take to replace. My guestimate is 12-16 weeks, or 3-4 months. You see, he was so weak today that just driving me to work, and then taking himself to his office exhausted him. He is now home in bed again. There is no way he will be able to give a command performance 2-3 times over the course of two days in two weeks. Of course our time for optimal fertility following my surgery is dwindling. The average is 6 months, and I am at 4 thanks to the damn miscarriage. I have approximately 8 weeks left.

Reason number 2, which also relates to my husband, who I am grateful is alive is that I am out of any kind of paid time off. Now the blood work isn’t a huge issue. I can always switch shifts with my co-worker and work her late shift. However, if for any reason I would be later due to traffic, ultrasound, flood, or other natural disastor then I don’t get paid. So I asked Christy if it was possible to have my scripts for my E2’s faxed to me. I after all work in a hospital. She said Children’s won’t do them, but Magee would, but by the time I registered there I would spend as much time on Hasklett Street as I would in Wexford. This perhaps is true, but the difference is…a 4 block walk up 5th avenue is a far cry from being an hour late to work every day. “Just wait till next cycle” she decreed. Basically this boils down to them not wanting to loose their $250 maitenance fee.

A HUGE part of me is half tempted to self medicate. After all, unlike w/Dr. K I did not over stimulate and ended up pregnant. Of course that is risky, but boy is it tempting. So, in the interest of health and preservation instead of injections and blood work it will be some pee sticks, and faith in science that gets us to the goal. After all, we with PCOS are supposedly more fertile after a miscarriage…so who knows…maybe I will end up with triplets after all.


2 responses to “Next On The DIY Network…

  1. Well I am bummed for you but I can understand putting things on hold this month. If you are able to give it a try on your own, that would be fantastic if it worked. Then you could bypass Dr t entirely. I am still going keep my fingers crossed and say a few extra prayers.

  2. Waiting a little while longer is understandable.

    Get the scripts sent to Magee. You will save gas as well as less stress on you trying to work out the work schedule.

    The 4 block walk will help you fit the jacket that is almost done.

    Oooo……..triplets. That works for me!

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