I Owe I Owe…So Off To Work I Go…

I have to be at work tomorrow in less than 12 hours. In 11 hours and 36 minutes to be exact I will be dealing with a swath of irritable parents. When where I really want to be is home with Jacob. I have been off for exactly one week, and yet it seems like I just left on Friday at 4:30, and am returning 48 hours later. Its insane how time stopped for me on Tuesday morning. For a week so fraught with terror it went incredibly fast. Or so it seemed to me. I am sure for those I left behind at work, and from what I understand it was insane there, it likely went slowly.

Anyway, I am nervous about leaving Jacob. This will be the longest time period, other than my nights, that I will have been away from him since Tuesday. He is FINE. Really, we got incredibly lucky. He is doing considerably well considering what he has been through. We went to the mall today. Of course I made him sit down in the food court, and made him drink some Sprite. I drove both ways though just as a precaution. When we returned he admitted that he felt slightly weak, but that he had enjoyed his outing.

My dad will be with him for part of the day, so I don’t know why I am so abhorrently concerned for him. The hospital wouldn’t have released him from ICU, much less let him leave the hospital if there was any concern for his health and well being at this point. I mean, sure there is concern for he isn’t 100% yet, and he is still suffering from anemia as a result of his ordeal, but compared to the number of things that could have happened he is one lucky man. I am still loath to imagine what my life would be like had I been attending his funeral on Friday instead of bringing him home. No, I don’t want to imagine that. Ever. I even told him, this reaffirms my belief that I must pass before he does. I can’t imagine a life, nor do I wan too without him. Even if I am old and gray do I want too.

Anyway…I shouldn’t worry. He has a cell phone. We have a house phone. My dad already said that he would be here at 11 tomorrow to take Jacob back to the hospital lab to have his most recent H/H drawn. That will cover him through lunch time and beyond. Plus he is going to remain at the hospital in order to obtain a complete copy of his medical record. What better place to be should there be a problem right? So why then am I being paranoid? After all, its not like I can just stay home for another week. Being out of PTO kind of puts a damper on that ya know.

I tell you…if this weren’t such a dangerous situation, I would say its just like when I had the the flu…Out of PTO time, and a week away from my cycle starting. Oh boy…either way…I owe I woe…so off to work I go.


5 responses to “I Owe I Owe…So Off To Work I Go…

  1. I hope your shift goes by quickly!! I have been singing myself the same song lately . . . I NEED to work but I don’t WANT to!!

    I hope everything goes well tomorrow!

  2. I know that I really should check my blog more often. Sorry, about the gym.
    You know my situation so I must be at work as well.

    Make sure to tell him not to put his cell phone down anywhere at anytime because the minute you cannot reach him while you are at work you will be on your way out the door! I truly understand because I would do the same.

    Boo and hiss to work. But I guess since I have no other choice. Off to work I go!

  3. Oh my! I’ve been gone all week so I haven’t been here. I am so, so sorry for everything you’ve been through! I can’t even imagine. How terrible. I am so glad he is home and ok. You must still be shaking. I don’t think I could go back to work either.

  4. I am really glad for you both that he is doing better. Because he is still anemic, that is probably why he is tired and weak. That will come with time. I can also understand the the scared feeling in leaving him. After his blood work and stuff, he will probably be tired so he can come home and take a nap. I am sure that feeling of leaving him will start to subside as he continues to improve. Hang in there.

  5. I am so sorry you have to deal with this. How incredibly scary. I hope that he keeps improving. And hopefully work will go by fast for you can get back home. Thinking of you.

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