“You Two Love Birds Go Home”

We had the most delightful resident who was called in to consult on Jacob’s case.  Sadly I do not remember he name, but she was just a delight.  As I mentioned when I wasn’t willing to crucify West Penn, the nurse there was shocked at the “bond” if you will between Jacob and I having been married and together for so long.  I guess being together for so long its something we just “do”, but when others point it out, its really nice to hear.  Yesterday when we knew he was doing better, but still weren’t sure when he would be home the resident came in, and was talking to us.  It wasn’t like I was crawling in his bed, or touching him appropriately or inappropriately…but she said “Wow, you two are a great couple”  Then today when she came in she said “Oh good, you’re here.  I have great news you two love birds can go home”   After we went through the discharge instructions from her stand point, she said “You two are great together never change”

Over and above the warm and fuzzy feelings, I am ecstatic that Jacob is doing so well.  TMI, but he has had a NORMAL BM.  His first was black and tarry, but they said that was normal because he had to digest the blood that he had swallowed from Monday.  Those after were normal.  His appetite is great.  He wanted a bagel after he had his breakfast…but the Haymaker Cafe wasn’t open at that time.  He will have to take Nexium for life, but that is a small price to pay for his health.  We have ZERO restrictions once he is feeling like himself.  He can go back to work on Monday if he wants too!  But I think we will play that by ear.  He is asking for grilled cheese for lunch, which I will be happy to oblige because for the first…no second time in a week I am hungry.  The first time was last night at dinner when the hospital brought me a tray so I could have dinner with Jacob.

I am going to try to forget, but I doubt I ever will…I just can’t believe how close I came to being a 33 year old widow.  Even the doctors were amazed at the volume of blood loss given that he had, and still has no risk factors.  I don’t know if this was a test or not, but if it was I hope we passed.  For before when I thought we had gone through the worsts we could ever go through, boy was I wrong.  This trumps any experience I have singularly experienced, or that we collectively have endured.  I just hope that given our less than 3% chance of a re-bleed that we never experience it again.  Of course…going after the ER doctor for mis diagnosis and failure to treat I suppose we will have to r experience it again…but at least he survived this.  Thank God for the ENT’s who were wide awake at 2 a.m., and thank God for Forbes Regional and their doctors because they did everything right, and while I may not have always agreed with bed side manner, or like an answer I am so glad that my Jacob is alive…and that apparently even in adversity our love for each other shines through above the worry and concern.

Thank you everyone for your comments, emails, and concern.  I am pleased to say that as soon as Jacob is feeling 100% that we will return this blog to its regularly scheduled programing.


4 responses to ““You Two Love Birds Go Home”

  1. Glad all is well for both of you. I kept checking all morning to see if he was discharged. I am glad things are moving again nicely and he has no real restrictions. All of that is great news and I am really excited for you both that he is home.

    Whenever he truly feels better, we will have to get together again. As requested, we can meet somewhere other than the hospital cafeteria. Truly glad all is well.

  2. Horray! Good to hear that he’s at home with you! I know I would have been a sweet mess in this situation…you’re a strong woman, and your relationship with Jacob is strong. Hope he’s “back to normal” soon. ((HUGS))

  3. I’m glad he gets to come home. You’ve been through so much this week. I pray that your weekend is spent relaxing.

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