Can I Get Any More Tired?

I have in law updates…she thinks she trumps me!  Oh how I don’t think so.  SIL came down from the cow farm…and no that is not an insult…she is a cow farmer.  Of course since SHE was there, in MIL’s eyes I just was useless and should have gone away.  I however made if VERY clear to the phlebotomist, and the nurse (who is a sweetie) that I am “in charge”  Them MIL says “but I am his mother”  Yes, but on July 7, 1998 I became his wife.  I win.  Urgh.  I was still graceful, and just asked the questions that needed to be answered, and left the rest alone.

So here is the email update I sent out:  Please forgive typos…and incorrect grammar  I am seriously exhausted.  I keep thinking its Tuesday…here its Wednesday…and I still have a load of laundry to do so that I can take Jacob his clean underwear that he is requesting.  Then…I will pass out…Lord knows, I don’t even call it sleep.


Jacob was moved out of ICU tonight.  Thank GOD those nurses were USELESS.  If I had a question the answer was “I don’t know”  The nurses on his new unit answer EVERY question I have even if its stupid.  Tammy, his night nurse even offered to let me spend the night and offered to let me come home and come back if I wanted too later.  What a doll!  All nurses should be like her!!!  SHe was FABULOUS.

Ok…so Jake had the NG tube removed today, and was then transfused with 1 unit of blood.  Once that was complete they moved him to his new room.  At about 7ish, his GI doctor came in, and said he could have liquids.  He started w/Jello and Ginger Ale then had a cold pop.

Tomorrow afternoon they are going to rescope him, and then they will start him on solid foods which to be honest PANICS me to no end.  I don’t want him to start re-bleeding.  They tell me that is slim or else they wouldn’t have started him on liquids.

So we are looking for a possible discharge of Saturday…but even though we miss him terribly here I say keep him as long as he needs to get well!  HOpefully tomorrow night we will have a diagnosis for why, what and how this bleeding occured…well we know the how…be need the why and what.

Thanks for the support all!


4 responses to “Can I Get Any More Tired?

  1. I am so relieved and glad he is out of ICU.

    Every now and then you come across a nurse who is truly a nurse. Kind an caring not only to the patient but also the family. I glad a few still exist!

    Hugs to you and him!

  2. Glad all is going well. The update is great news. Sorry I couldn’t stay and meet the mil and sil yesterday. WOuldn’t that have been interesting. Yes she is the mother but the hospital protocol usually places current wife over mother unless pt specifically says something different so you are in charge anyway.

    Hope all continues to go as planned and there is a nice discharge on Saturday.

  3. I’m happy he’s out of the ICU and things are going better. Sending lots of ((HUGS)) to both of you!

  4. I’m glad to see they’ve moved him into a better room with better nurses. I’m praying that he continues to improve and will leave the hospital quickly.

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