Scenes From The ER…

Remember how you all said that I would have some interesting stories to tell from our Memorial Day weekend spend with family. Well I do, but I am not sharing those with you, and boy were those pretty good too. No instead I am going to share how my husband of nearly 10 years took at least 10 years off my life, and this from an x-smoker is not a good thing seeing as I took about that many off of myself thank you very much.

In the words of Sophia Petrillo “Picture It, Pittsburgh 2008” We are having a nice afternoon at Jacob’s parents. We were sitting out on the back patio, Jacob and I when all of a sudden his color went from nicely tanned to morgue corpse white. He told his dad that his stomach was bothering him, and asked for some Tums. He hadn’t eaten much all day but had filled up on a six packs worth of sugar filled soda. After I handed him the Tums he asked for some water. Once we argued over tap water, filtered water, iced or not I headed back inside to induldge him. As I am standing at the fridge his mother says to me “There he goes, he’s throwing up in the garden” Throwing up was an understatement.

I honestly don’t think the pea soup that came from Linda Blair was as scary as what was coming forth from my husband. It was blood red, but he was trying to blame it on the soda, but something told me it was more than a couple Dr. Pepper’s and a Diet Coke. Still he resisted any offers of help until he crawled onto the patio, where he rolled over onto his back and asked to just be left there. It was at this point that he was feeling faint, and that I wanted to take him 1 block to our competitors major hospital, but he refused. Instead he allowed his dad and brother to help him up and into the living room. Once there he lay on the couch with ice behind his neck, and a cool rag on his fore head.

His mom brought him gatorade and crackers which he was able to keep down, but he showed no increased interest in drinking any more than he had already consumed. After about an hour when he still couldn’t sit up or stand without being light headed I told him we were driving the 1 block to the ER. Once in the ER things moved quickly. As the triage nurse questioned Jacob about his meds, and medical history I tried to calm down, until that is she called the doctors in the back and said “I am sending you a GI bleed, where do you want him?” This is when I realized if I wasn’t panic stricken before, that I was now. They took him back immediately after the phone call, but I had to remain in triage to complete the financial portion of checking him in.

“What is your relationship to the patient?” I am his wife

“Are the two of you married” Seriously? I am his wife, didn’t that suffice the first time? YES we are married I sighed.

“Do you have the same last name as the patient?” Lets see, he didn’t have his insurance card, but you have mine which has BOTH of our names on it and they share the SAME LAST NAME. What do you think?

Then the scary questions: “Does the patient have a power of attorney or a living will” I could barely croak out NO to either question.

Finally after a books worth of paper work was signed I was finally able to join Jacob in his room. As I entered he was on the receiving end of a very uncomfortable exam which showed he has trace blood in his stool. The doctor then informed us that he was going to hang a bag of saline, but before that he wanted to order a number of blood tests. This was the first time I saw panic in Jacob’s eyes. He is deathly afraid of needles, but I was able to talk him through it. I held his hand and had him talk to me while the nurse did her work. It was so efficient that he didn’t even realize the blood was drawn or his IV placed. The nurse said to us “How long have you been married?” Still holding Jacob’s hand I smiled and told her “10 years come July” Her eyes got wide, and she smiled back “That is impressive. I thought you were going to tell me 6 months to a year. That is just really impressive she is still holding your hand” The doctors next question “Do you have any children” Usually we just answer no, but today “No, I had a miscarriage at the beginning of the month” That should have been enough but instead “Oh how far along were you and who was your OB? Is he here?” Up until then, I liked the doctor.

Finally after 2 bags of saline, and 5 vials of blood we had a diagnosis. Jacob is on Augmentin for his ear infection, and it caused a severe reaction. They aren’t calling it an allergic reaction, but a systematic one instead. He is however to list it on any medical questionnaires because he is NEVER to have it again. For the next few days he is to have a bland diet only, and is not allowed to go back to work. Should he have any additional gastrointestinal issues, or any more episodes of bleeding we are to return to the ER immediately, as well as following up with his PCP in the morning.

All I can say is Thank God we were at his mothers, but don’t tell her I said that.


2 responses to “Scenes From The ER…

  1. Wow, that sounds scary. What a weekend for you. I hope he is feeling better. Thank the lord it was just a reaction to medicine, and not anything more serious.

  2. Oh my gosh!! I am glad he is home and on the mend. It is terrible because even a tiny amount of blood always seems like a lot. I can’t imagine what projectile vomiting blood would look like.

    I hope the rest of your summer holidays are uneventful!

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