Seriously…It’s been 14 Years…

Jacob took my car for servicing tonight. It needed an oil change, and for some reason our automatic pressure sensors on the tires were wacky. One does not want to fill the RF with 77 lbs of pressure when in reality its the LR that is low. However when the car doesn’t tell one this bad, bad, bad things can happen if ones wife weren’t in the car saying “honey, but the number isn’t changing” OOPS. So he was out when the phone rang.

Now thanks to modern technology, we have this gadget on our phone and its called caller ID. Its a new fangled invention I am sure because my father in law insists on announcing himself when he calls. “Hello this is Danny L, Jacob’s father” when ever I answer the phone. Really? Daniel L coming up on the phone wasn’t a dead give away, but I will play along anyway. What was funnier was when he says “Who is this?” Well lets narrow it down, we have a dog but she as of yet hasn’t figured out how to effectively answer the phone. The cat, well she is useful only to chew through the power cord of said phone. So that would leave Jacob or I, and since Jacob’s voice is far deeper than mine odds are its SUSAN . So I proceed to tell “Danny” that Jacob has the car at the dealership.

We then get into “well WE haven’t seen or heard from you in awhile so WE were starting to get worried. Ok, now MIL works for the same health care organization that I work for. I took her off of time out on Friday. Now I know you two don’t like each other much, but really she failed to mention that we chatted? Some how I don’t think so. Anyway, I told him Jacob was sick, and then got me sick, and that since the miscarriage I just haven’t felt like seeing many people. Which has been true. I then asked if he wanted me to have Jacob call when he gets home. He apologized for bothering me, and then proceeds to LEAVE HIS PHONE NUMBER. Seriously.

So Jacob gets home, and I tell him that his dad called, and wants him to call back. I thought I would have to fight him because I usually do when it comes to calling his folks. Surprise, surprise he calls. NOT from the number I have “written down” but from memory. I know, its amazing he remembered his parents phone number! Anyway, as I listen to the conversation I hear: “No, really I was sick she was serious” followed up with “Yes, I really was out. I had to take the car…” Lastly, we are apparently going over for Memorial Day. Great. Someone please pray for rain, or pneumonia. Heck, I conceived after having GYN surgery and then the flu…so I can survive pneumonia…but after 14 years I can’t survive another holiday with the in-laws. Seriously…its been 14 years, and oh hell who am I kidding…guess where I am spending Memorial Day…


8 responses to “Seriously…It’s been 14 Years…

  1. LOL thats so funny! My FIL announces who he is when he calls to. “Jess, its Elliott, You know, Jeff’s dad” LOL how many Elliott’s does he think I know! Cracks me up

  2. That is too funny!! I will pray for strength for you this weekend!

  3. You know I have to laugh at this. Cause even if you didn’t know it was him the thing is, How many Danny L’s (who happen to be Jake’s Dad) call there anyway. Do you know 5 Danny L’s who all happen to call your house that he needs to clarify that he is the fil. Second, like you said you did contact mil last week. And frankly the phone does go both ways. If they were that worried about you, they could have picked up the phone and called prior to this rather than just forwarding an e-mail. The other thing that cracks me up is like you said he dialed the number from memory. Unless his parents moved 12 times in the last year and changed their number just as many times, it stands to reason that even if it didn’t come up on the caller id that he would remember it. Afterall isn’t your home phone number drilled into your head from about kindergarten on since that is before cell phones were as readily available. This cracks me up on so many levels. I am sorry that you have to be punished on memorial day by spending the holiday with his family. That was so nice of your husband to say you would be going. Oh well, I guess all you can do is grin and bear it and hope you can come home early.

  4. Your blog cracked me up this morning.. thanks for the laugh! Hope you are having a better week

  5. Ooooh, that should be just filled with all kinds of stories to tell afterwards. Too bad it’s about your own life and not some drama you saw on tv. I wish you all the luck in the world, but hoping you don’t need it.

  6. LOL!!!! Asked you who you were??? lol! Then asked you to TAKE DOWN HIS NUMBER??? Geez. Eric’s parents aren’t THAT bad, but they do asking him if I was LYING about him being gone when they call. 🙂

  7. My blood pressure went up in sympathy. I hope it rains.

  8. This is just stupid funny! The part that really got me is he felt the need to verify your conversation. When you go to their house you should verify everything that they say with your husband! LOL!

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