With This Ring…

The Nuva Ring is in. Within hours of its insertion the bleeding, spotting, brown what ever was completely gone. I was a bit apprehensive as I pondered insertion because there was a time when I first was prescribed this round wonder that instead of ending my AF, it increased her by 10 days until I removed it prematurely and switched back to the 21 day pill. The doctor said it was my body fighting being controlled. What ever it was, I was not very anxious to revisit the same senerio.

If you haven’t already heard, we will be trying again at the completion of this cycle. It’s a long shot that I will get pregnant again, but one that I have to exhaust. When I made the off the cuff decision to stop, I sincerely meant it. I loath the idea of another miscarriage. I loath the idea that I may not become pregnant again, but I think I would regret it if I didn’t at least finish out this year. Jacob is holding out hope against all odds that we will become pregnant again quickly, and I would like to see his wish come to fruition. Yet if it doesn’t, I can honestly say that at the end I did everything within our financial, mental and physical capabilities to make it come to fruition. I will then be able to grow old, as ungracefully as possible–botox here I come–with a certain amount of grief knowing that I was never able to hold my fully developed child in my arms, but certainly no regrets that I didn’t try.

So what will I do for 21 days? Oh the possibilities are endless. Perhaps, I will buy myself a flavored cigar. One evening when the weather breaks I will sit in my sky chair and look out at the baby’s spot in the yard while smoking it. Maybe we will finally have that girls night out that the weather so ungraciously ruined. There are two trips to the amusement parks in the works. One in Ohio, and one locally for Jacob’s work picnic. I see some wonderful roller coasters that have nothing to do with infertility in my future. Or maybe, I will just enjoy my last three weeks of relative peace and harmony in quiet reflection. Oh yes, the possibilities are endless with the insertion of this ring…


3 responses to “With This Ring…

  1. I am glad that you have a plan in place. I am also really glad for you that you finally stopped bleeding. I know that had to be frustrating for you. Heck I hate when I get a period for five full days and you have been dealing with this a lot longer than that.

    I hope all your rollercoaster plans work out too. hopefully nothing but good things are on the road in front of you.

  2. I too hope you get pregnant quickly. It would be wonderful to see your family grow to 3.

  3. Susan,

    What does the Nuva ring do?

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