While We Wait…

I have a meeting that is slated to begin at 3:30.  That is right around the time that Christy calls.  I don’t want to attend this meeting as it is, but I especially don’t want to attend it while I am waiting for a call.  The lab tech yesterday said I should hear about 1:30, and I laughed.  I said “try 3:30”  I wasn’t trying to be rude, but that is how late she has been calling.

While we wait, I made an appointment w/a GYN.  I told the scheduler I am concerned about the recurrent bleeding, and the fact that I now have pain.  They can get me in on Wednesday.  She offered to contact the nurse to see if I needed to be seen sooner, but I told her Wednesday was fine.  Here I am concerned for infection that could rob my fertility, or what is left of it, and I tell her we can wait till Wednesday.  She did advise if the bleeding got heavier, the pain worse, or if I start running a fever to get to the ER immediately.  Have I mentioned that my office is always 78 degrees?  So I never know if its ‘me’ or the its the room.  She also said that its their proceedure to do an ultrasound following a miscarriage.  So I will at least have one of those finally.  I am so impressed, that if I like this doctor and if I ever get pregnant again I think I will utilize their services.

While we wait I ordered my baby juice.  It will be nice to have it waiting for me in the fridge when we are ready.  No longer do I hold out hope that it will be in 3 weeks and some odd days.  However, just having it there will give me comfort.  For that means that at some point normalcy will have returned, and I will be able to try again.  Or, if I do have an infection and I sue the RE for failure to listen to me…I will have enough money to hire myself a surrogate, and will have the meds already available to me. 

So that’s whats been going on.  The cell phone is charged and on vibrate and I sit here and anxiously wait…


2 responses to “While We Wait…

  1. It is a bummer that you have had to put up with all this for this long. It is good that is is procedure for them to do an ultrasound after a miscarriage. If that was procedure at the other place, you might have had a better idea what to expect a while ago. I am sorry I know you are frustrated already. I am frustrated for you. Like you said it might be just nice to wake up and not still have reminders of something that ended weeks ago. Hugs to you as you CONTINUE to go through this. Maybe they will be nice and give you a call before your meeting instead of during.

  2. Just got you msg. YEAH for the number! I hope you will still follow up with your gyn.

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