That’s Gonna Leave A Mark…

It’s pretty bad when your lab technician asks you “what are the bets this week?”  and offers her own number for the pool.  It’s even worse when you are standing at the check in desk asking for a complete copy of your medical record and the doctors wife, who is also nurse Christy is sitting in the lobby not 10 feet behind you.  I asked Jacob if he heard me make the request, and he said “No, but then I wasn’t paying attention to you”  Great, what else is new?

When we arrived home there were two pieces of mail that I was interested in.  1 was from my original RE, from back in 2002.  There are two docs in that practice so when I decided to get another opinion if our next cycle w/Dr. T fails I contacted them as well.  On Wednesday I got a call on my cell phone.  “Is your husband Jacob?”  Was the question after I confirmed my identity.  “Yes”  I responded, but still thought it odd.  Well it turns out I still have a $475 bill from 6 years ago.  I was honest, and told her I never received a bill, but that if she would be gracious and send me a copy I would be happy to pay it.  We went over my address, and it became clear why I never got it.  They were sending it to an address that I haven’t lived at for 5 years.  I pulled my credit report on Sunday, and this bill wasn’t on it.  So it wasn’t like I was trying to avoid it.  When I opened the envelope I come to find that they just wrote off the charges in April of 2008!  It further confirms that our insurance back in the day really sucked, and I will not complain about no IVF coverage again.

My next envelope was from “The Baby Factory”  Boy are they thorough.  7 pages of medical history for me, and only 1 for Jake.  How is that fair?  They also included the DC9 codes (diagnosis codes) and proceedure codes that they bill under.  At least if I am required to undergo more testing that part I know for sure is covered.  Then I will just have to work on getting them to bill direct for the E2 studies, and ultrasounds if we proceed with more IUI’s like Dr. K’s office did, but Dr. T’s office won’t.  I tell you…there is no rest for the wicked.

Lastly for our week in review, I am bleeding much more heavily now.  Oh and I am having pain to boot, and an increased temperature.  My bbt today was 98.1  Not a fever, but not pre ovulatory levels either.  Something is wrong and it needs to be addressed.  I just hope that I am not in the middle of our scheduled meeting when she calls today.  Because I need to demand that I have an ultrasound tomorrow.  If I have one and they say “the uterus is clear, there is no infection, its part of the process” Then OK, I will sit down and be patient.  However if I am not able to take the call, and instead I get a message stating “your number is XX, come back next week”  then I am screwed.  I really believe that there is an infection now…and sitting here doing nothing is going to leave more than a red mark on my day.  It could affect whats left of my limited fertility as it is…


One response to “That’s Gonna Leave A Mark…

  1. Yeah, I would get that checked out. Just to be on the safe side. If it is normal, that is one thing, but they really should have done an ultrasound/internal exam weeks ago. I would want that checked out myself. Atleast you have a back-up plan.

    Atleast they wrote off that gigantic bill too. That is the last thing you want to have to worry about now.

    Well hope all goes well with your phone call and numbers today.

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