Place Your Bets…

Ok folks, step right up.  The roulette wheel is spinning, the dealer is showing an ace on the black jack table, and over at the slots that blue haired old lady just hit the jack pot. 

Seriously, as we all have grown so accustomed its Thursday, and on Thursday its blood draw day.  Do you realize that if this had worked out I would be well over 9 weeks at this point?  Man did time fly…yet at the same time its just crawling as I wait for the numbers to drop so I can move on.  I long for the day when I wake up and DONT think about miscarraiges.  Seriously, that is my first thought as soon as I wake up every morning.  It’s getting old folks, I need something else to occupy my time.

So in light of all of that, I have decided to take bets on my latest HCG levels.

So far they have come in at:  April 21–126, April 26–124,  May 2–72, May 9–48  

Winner gets $10–SERIOUSLY.  I am not kidding  $10.  Now if I win, because yes I have placed a bet on this…well you all just have to put up with me when I start cycling again.  Mood swings and all.

So here are the bets so far (bidding will close at noon on Friday, w/update to come after 3:30)

Wanda-27, Gail-24, Helen-20, Sister 18, Me 10 (ha ha ha), Marsha 5

To make this fair, HCG has a half life of 48 hours, so I SHOULD be at 6 today if my body cooperates.  On average I have been loosing appx 35 points a week.  So make your predictions accordingly.


4 responses to “Place Your Bets…

  1. Okay put me down for 12. I really could use $10. I am hoping for under 5 but I calculated at what the past has shown us.

    Hoping for the best.

  2. I totally understand your post. The thought of miscarriage starts when you wake, continues throughout the day and even into the night. (Un?)luckily I’ve had other drama to occupy the thoughts of my miscarriage right now.

    Hopefully your thoughts will change with the beginning of a fresh cycle.

    My bet…9.

  3. Hey, I always have to put up with your moods swing regardless.
    mybet remains 24.

  4. I remember playing the same game last year waiting for my numbers to fall.

    My bet: 6

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