I am so excited, I have an interview tomorrow night at 6. No, I am not leaving my day job. As much as I complain about it, I really do like it. Well, for the most part I like it. Anyway…I am interviewing for a second job. Some of you who were reading my old blog will remember that I had a second job over the holiday season and I loved it. Then it became an “issue” between the hubby and I, so I gave it up. I will admit, that it did become to much. Hours that increased exponentially, zero time for each other on the weekends, and increased responsibilities really did hamper the ultimate experience, but this time things I hope will be different.

First, its not retail. Instead its for the local “swanky” theater. I figure if I can make $8 an hour and work 4-4 hour evenings a week then it will be perfect! At Michaels I was working 5 days a week on average 6 hours a night. So this will be a good compromise. If I get the job it will also be a good distraction It will keep me from being so single minded as I have become late. It will also give me a chance to focus on something else when we are finally able to conceive. Who knows…maybe I will become so consumed I won’t even realize that its time!

Wish me luck. I had a phone interview tonight…tomorrow is the face to face interview…and then hopefully I will hear “YOU’RE HIRED” Oh boy how I can’t wait! Especially since…free movies for me. Much better than a lousy 10% discount at the craft store!


5 responses to “HELP WANTED…

  1. That sounds like a nice opportunity. Good Luck with your interview and I hope you get the job.

  2. I love it! How exciting that you get this opportunity AND this distraction, with free movies to boot. But, um, Michaels is a big part of my life and I do kind-of drool over the discount there…

  3. Free movies did you say? Perks! Wish you the best!

  4. Best of luck!! And yeah – free movies are enough to get me to do just about anything.

  5. Good Luck!

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