I almost ended up going to the ER last night.  Around 8:30 I started to have pain on my R side near my Ovary, Gallbladder, or Apendix.  At first I thought perhaps my spleen, but as any New York Ranger will tell you, that is on your left behind your stomach.  They will also tell you can live without it, but you are now more prone to infection as a result…but I digress, back to me.  The pain, it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t walk, but it was a constant, and then progressively got worse.

Me, being Dr. Susan decided to do an external exam and started pushing on the area.  This is incredibly stupid I realize now.  If it were say a hot apendix there is risk of rupture, and it wasn’t like I was being gentle.  No, I was pushing.  When I didn’t feel any pallapable masses I decided that perhaps it was the gallbladder.  After all my mother and sister have both had theirs removed, and they were about my age when it happened.  So logic could dictate gallbladder.  Ah, but then there is the thought of that pesky extra uterine pregnancy.  This is when I finally decided to tell Jacob that I was having pain.  He logically asked the following:  Why did I think my fallopian tube was about to explode?  Did I have a fever?  How bad was pain?  Do you want to go to the hospital?  Answers:  I just know.  No, I don’t have a fever.  I am a perfect 98.4  The pain is bad enough for me to tell you about it, but not so bad that I think I am going to die, yet.  No, let me go to the bathroom and then to bed.  Come check me shortly and make sure that I am not dead.  I am serious.  This was how I handle emergencies.

I went to the bathroom and discovered that my bleeding had quickened its pace, it was once again flow.  Then I had a similar feeling like I did last Wednesday when I passed the placenta and baby.  So I “pushed” and sure enough out comes a triangular shaped piece of tissue.  I couldn’t catch it in time to examine it, and I was not about to fish in the toilet for it.  Then, just like before the spasm or what ever you would like to call it was over and I went to bed.

This morning I am still bleeding.  No surprise there…I am telling you its is NEVER going to end.  I am going to be wearing Depends in what ever nursing home my nephews and niece hide me in.  The poor staff is going to be changing a post menopausal woman who is still bleeding.  Mark my words.  My Nuva Ring is going to atrifie in the refridgerator, and the remaining Follistim, Ganirelix, and Ovidrel is going to begin to ferment.  Trust me. 

Anyway…I did check my cervix today, and it is finally low, hard and closed.  So maybe what ever had to come out last night was the last.  If nothing else, at least going to the hospital was an almost, and not a certainty.  So perhaps there are a few small miracles left in the world…


5 responses to “Almost…

  1. Ugh…sorry about all of that.
    Funny thing is, I went to the ER last night because my miscarriage began at 2:00 in the afternoon, but by 11 at night, the pain and blood was not manageable, so I went in. They did a BRUTAL pelvic exam in which the doc had to tweeze out fetal tissue from my cervix with the hope that un-sticking it would lighten the flow of blood. It was a horrible experience and also a time when I found the elusive tears. She gave me ativan and Tylenol 3s to calm me down afterwards since I couldn’t stop crying. A horrific experience. It seems like we both keep experiencing insult after insult.
    Hopefully, today will be better for each of us.

  2. I understand those type of ’emergencies.’ My hubby is an excellent ‘splinter getter’ so I went to him with a hang nail a couple of weeks ago. By the end, or what I wished was the end, I was just begging for him to cut off my finger! He was laughing and I was almost in tears. I hope you don’t have any more emergencies in the near future and you are able to sit back and relax…..even if it is just a day!

  3. Maybe this is truly the end. It can never be easy. Hopefully the blood stops soon too and you don’t have to wear feminine protection forever.

    Although the thought of still having to wear that kind while in the old folks home gives me a laugh. Wouldn’t it be like that though just to further torture you. can’t have regular periods for most of you life and then faced with them until the end of eternity. Oh the hell. I would have to have them rip my insides out by then. because I wouldn’t be able to take it.

  4. I hope it is the end of the physical pain for you.

  5. I’m pretty sure there is nothing else for you to endure. Surely this is your start to a new beginning.

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