Under The Ivy…

When we returned from the doctors office for what I hope is the final time last night I went outback to survery the scene.  The area near the pool is too “public”  The area behind the garage to dank and dreary.  Then I saw it, the perfect place.  We have a stone wall that runs the length of our back yard, and one area of it is covered in English Ivy.  It billows down over the wall and spreads out across the corner of grass like a blanket.  This would be the spot I decided.  As I was digging I found a large flat rock under the ivy that I had never noticed was there before.  Its almost copper in color, and flat.  It fit the spot perfectly. 

I went upstairs and told Jacob what I had done.  Told him that I sealed the bag in a blanket made from some soft blue flannel that I had in my sewing supplies.  That I told the baby one last time that we loved him, and said a little prayer.  He took my hand and asked me to stop.  He told me it was just too sad for him to hear.  To know that instead of our baby being safely under my heart, that he now lies under the ivy…


6 responses to “Under The Ivy…

  1. Sue, I am so sorry for the pain you and your husband are dealing with. It sounds like you found the perfect spot for your little one.
    – Jess

  2. That is very sweet. Like your kiss on the way out of the doctors office – we find moments of goodness during these tragic moments.

  3. What a beautiful way to honor your child. I am sorry for your struggle and your loss.

  4. I’m glad you found the perfect place for your memorial.

  5. Geez. That breaks my heart to hear that. I am so glad you found the perfect spot.

  6. This is so beautiful!

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