Drum Roll…

Christy called.  She is becoming a bit friendlier as this goes on.  Her growl isn’t nearly what it once was.  I either scared them by yelling at them on Saturday.  I think I need to send them a card of apology maybe.  Maybe not.  They don’t exactly deserve it.

So, my level which had topped out at 128 is now a whopping 72!  If I am correct, even falling HCG has a half life of approximately 48 hours?  So that would be about right having just passed the baby the night before, less than 24 hours prior to my blood draw.  They have asked that I return on Thursday evening.  Actually first she said “we want you to come on Thursday or Friday…”  and before I could get the question out of my mouth she says “or when ever its convient for you.   So Thursday night works”  Ha ha ha.  Yes, I must have scared them.  I said to her “I was just going to ask that, and yes it does make it more convienient”

I asked if I could start my Nuva Ring on Sunday, but she said no.  “You need to be patient”  she said.  I told her I was, but that according to manufacturers instructions it states you can start within 5 days, but that didn’t seem like good advice so I wanted to find out what you thought.  Hey, an extra week simply means that I am NOT going to be on my period while we are at Cedar Point…and believe me…I am more than willing to wait for that!  Trust me.


One response to “Drum Roll…

  1. I hope you don’t mind that I have followed you to your new space. Not sure if you wanted to keep this space more private…if this is so, please let me know and I will stop commenting.

    I just wanted to say how sorry I am for all that you have had to deal with over the past few weeks. I hate that you have to deal with such stupidity from the doctor’s office on top of everything else.

    Sadly, I will be miscarrying my own baby in the next few days. Our ultrasound on Friday revealed no heartbeat and I am devastated. This will be our third loss in less than five months (we miscarried twins in November. This loss is heartbreaking because we used donor embryos and I feel a sense of responsibility to the donors and feel like I messed up. I’m rambling.

    Just wanted to send you some support from someone who will be going through it all again soon.

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