Is This It?

As you can see, I have figured out how to add pictures, counters and tickers to my blog.  I even added the Cappacino cup that seemed to be the biggest hit for Kathy.  It actually looks better over here because you can see all of it.  I was getting frustrated at first because I couldn’t figure out how to do the HTML to put up the baby’s memorial ticker…and that was my most wanted item for me anyway.  So here it is, the new official digs for Family of two. 

On to new, or old business depending on your outlook.  I still have red and the cramping has increased exponentially, but the flow is really not bad.  Yes, I know I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but I really anticipated more than what I have got.  I checked my cervix…and it doesn’t feel all that open yet…so perhaps this is just the start?  Yes I know, I am being completely paranoid, and really must stop.

One of the physicians I did try to consult when I wanted the D&C had said I may just have “period like bleeding” around the time my next cycle would be due.  So perhaps with the Methotrexate this is it?  Dr. Tippet did after all say that the embryo was likely disolved based on my numbers.  I guess we will find out more tomorrow. 

What will I write about now?  I always found that when I wasn’t cycling I lost readership, and really had nothing of substance to say.  Really if all goes well and I get the A-OK on Sunday I start the Nuva Ring…what will my titles be then? Nuva Ring Day 1….Nuva Ring Day 20…Nuva Ring Removal Day?  Oh yeah I can the swarms of readers coming by for that.  Oh well, I will figure something out to entertain my ‘peeps’ 

Lastly, I can’t thank you all enough.  Everyone has been so patient with me through the last three weeks, and I am so grateful.  To those who emailed and caught me in the mood from hell and were blasted for their kindness…thank you for forgiving me.  This was a hard time, but its finally coming to an end…and I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel…but sometimes it just takes a little longer to find it than others.


3 responses to “Is This It?

  1. Love the picture. You know me I read every thing. I great at listening not so great at crying.

    love ya

  2. I like the new page. And, I hope the new place falls into your hands as well. And, I promise I will continue to read even if you are just telling us when you are putting in/taking out the nuva ring!!!

  3. We all have miserable days. Glad you are starting to come back around. Hope this means that things are working again. Mine started off as just when I wipe and later progressed. I developed more bleeding and then right before the “baby” came I developed the gush and the more painful cramps. Yours was a little younger though so don’t necessarily expect it to happen the exact same way. Maybe they will be able to give you more information about where you are and where your body still has to go or get to once you have the appointment.

    By the way, while we will continue you reading even if it is only about the nuva ring, you have other things to discuss too. How about the upcoming trip to Boston. Where do you plan on going and what do you plan on doing? How about when you are going to open your pool. How about the upcoming trip to Cedar Point in a few weeks? How about how things are progressing with mil after e-mail exchange? See that is just to get you started.

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